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22 New Year’s Eve Ideas To Ring In 2022

2021 has been quite the year, full of lockdowns, surprises and events. I think it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to waving goodbye to 2021. If you’re after spectacular New Year’s E...


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11 Work Christmas Party Game Ideas For The Office

Looking for work Christmas party game ideas? You’ve landed on the right page! This article is going to take you through our list of top 11 Christmas party game ideas for the office that are actually...


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Homemade Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas

If there's ever a chance to go all out, it's at Christmas. The perfect time to indulge ourselves with delicious festive food and enjoy the company of loved ones. It's the season for suits and glitzy d...


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Christmas fancy dress costumes guaranteed to make your colleagues LOL

There are so many options for Christmas parties, from dressing up as characters to wearing outlandish jumpers.  It really depends on the type of event you're hosting and what everyone's budget is for...


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Christmas parties for small groups and teams

Your Christmas party is a great opportunity for the whole team to get together and have a nice time, celebrating the achievements of the year and being thankful for each other. Take a look at our reco...


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Top tips for organising a Christmas party

There are many important aspects to organising a Christmas party that everyone will love, including the food, venue and entertainment but the most important part is to stay organised so you don’t be...


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Common Mistakes of a Christmas Party

If you have the honour of planning your office Christmas party, you need to make sure it goes off with a bang. With a lot to do, it can be easy to get caught up in everything. Make sure you and your c...


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5 tips for a great corporate Christmas party

Christmas is that all-important time of year that brings everyone together. It’s a chance to celebrate, relax and thank everyone for their hard work that year. It also sets up a great premise for th...


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