5 Steps for Organising a Work Christmas Party

Work Christmas parties are one of the most looked forward to events of the year. They are the perfect chance to reward all of your hard-working employees and pull together a memorable event to kick start the festivities. 

But where do you even start when it comes to organising a work Christmas party? At Eastwood Hall, we have seen it all! From themed Christmas parties to private dining events, our events team are experts when it comes to throwing the ultimate festive bash. To ensure your employees have a festive celebration to remember, discover our top tips on how to organise a work Christmas party.

How to Organise a Memorable Work Christmas Party

Organising a work Christmas party does of course come with its challenges. Whether you have an event planner or are organising your corporate Christmas party solo there is a lot to consider. From securing the perfect work Christmas party venue to picking delicious foods that all of your guests will enjoy, we are here to help with everything you need to know to ensure everything falls into place for your work celebration.

1. Establish your Budget

This is the first step you will want to take that will be defined by the number of guests you are looking to accommodate and how small or large you want your work Christmas party to be. Your budget will determine your work Christmas venue, catering options, the date and any added extras. 

Many venues offer private and joiner Christmas party nights so you can arrange your business event easily ensuring everything is ticked off your checklist with party night packages available.

Our Christmas joiner parties at Eastwood Hall are a fantastic alternative to a private Christmas party. If you are looking to keep the costs down or you are looking to accommodate a small group for your Christmas party, then this is perfect! 

2. Set a Date

Choosing the right date and time will determine how many guests can attend your work’s Christmas celebration. The festive season is a popular time of the year for everyone, so make sure to choose a date that easily fits everyone’s busy schedules. 

Whether your office Christmas party is held on a weekend or a weekday, this can be a deal-breaker for many of your employees as not many are fond of using their spare time for a business event. 

3. Select the Perfect Christmas Party Venue

After a whole year spent in the office, it’s important to carefully choose the right Christmas party venue that will be able to deliver all of your required needs and throw an unforgettable festive celebration. Choosing an events venue such as Eastwood Hall will have to offer everything you need in order for you to host a successful Christmas party such as; catering, entertainment, party packages and experienced party planners.

If you select a venue that offers joiner parties, you’ll also benefit by having less to organise, you will only be required to work out your guest list and retrieve payment, making it a much more straightforward alternative for your company. 

4. Pick your Favourite Festive Foods

There simply is no Christmas party without the food and drink! Work Christmas parties are a chance for your employees to relax and celebrate the year with their coworkers. Food and drink are an excuse to bring people together and to share tasty foods whilst enjoying the festive atmosphere. 

Whether you are looking to host a work Christmas private dining event, treat your coworkers to a meal out, or enjoy a mouthwatering Christmas meal followed by an evening of festive entertainment, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

So ultimately, give your guests the option! Take into account their favourite foods and special dietary requirements to cater for all of your employee’s tastebuds. 

5. Choose a Christmas Party Theme

Finally, to add a magic touch to your work Christmas party why not encourage your employees to dress up and select a festive theme for them to follow. This is the perfect icebreaker and a great conversation starter for your corporate event and a fantastic way to get your team buzzing in advance for the Christmas party. 

Whether you choose a colour theme or a well-known Christmas movie, this is a great way of helping you to choose the right festive decorations, food, entertainment and Christmas party venue.  

If your team are struggling with DIY Christmas fancy dress ideas, check out our blog post here.

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And finally, enjoy your Work Christmas Party!

However you choose to celebrate, Christmas is a special time of the year and is a fantastic chance for you to reward your team and recognise your business’s achievements. Whether you choose to use a Christmas events venue such as Eastwood Hall or choose to take your team to a local restaurant, it’s time to put your thinking hat on and get party planning for Christmas.

5 Steps on How to Organise a Work Christmas Party

  1. Establish your Budget
  2. Set a Date
  3. Select the Perfect Work Christmas Party Venue
  4. Pick your Favourite Festive Foods
  5. Choose a Christmas Party Theme
work christmas party

Work Christmas Party Venue in Nottingham

Our Christmas party venue in Nottingham is the perfect place to host your end-of-year celebration with various Christmas party nights available. Our stylish and modern event spaces and lavish menus are here to ensure that every aspect of your work’s Christmas celebration is covered, ensuring you a fun-filled festive season!

We welcome the chance for you to host your festive event at Eastwood Hall, whether it’s our joiner Christmas party, private Christmas party, private lunch or a festive dinner, our team of party planners can help you to organise the perfect Christmas party. 

To kickstart planning for your work’s Christmas bash, get in touch and a friendly member of our team will be happy to listen to your needs and secure you the perfect party date for your company.

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