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5 tips for a great corporate Christmas party

Christmas is that all-important time of year that brings everyone together. It’s a chance to celebrate, relax and thank everyone for their hard work that year. It also sets up a great premise for the year ahead. Planning a corporate Christmas party can be daunting, there are more people and more choice than your standard gathering, so we’ve put together our top five tips for having the best Christmas party yet.

Be Proactive

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, venues included. To get the first choice we’d recommend starting planning way ahead of time. No one wants to think about the end of the year in January but by doing so you can snap up the best locations and hopefully get a good deal on them. The more money saved on the basics means a more extravagant do overall. If possible, check the consensus on when your employees would prefer to have it. A mid-week work night is out of the question, but they may have some weekends already booked up. By booking in early you can ensure that most people can make it, but by asking ahead of time it shows care and consideration for your employees.


First step is to choose your venue. Gauge how many guests you’re expecting and plan around that. You don’t want to be cramped but equally, don’t want too few people in an empty event space. Our party venue in Nottingham provide a great amount of space for parties. On top of this, talk to your employees about the previous Christmas party, did they enjoy it? Do they have any suggestions to improve which will help with your planning? If you’re on a lower budget, consider getting an all in one package from the same company, which will be cheaper than outsourcing everything. If you haven’t already volunteered, consider electing a party planner or manager, who will oversee the planning and make sure everything goes smoothly on the night. Eastwood Hall is the ideal location for your festive celebrations whether it’s a classic party night, a private lunch or an exclusive festive dinner. We have a variety of stylish event spaces with excellent menus and a professional team to help you every step of the way. If you’re interested in our Christmas party venues Nottingham then contact us today.


The most important thing that will be on everyone’s minds is the catering. Consider whether you’d like to have a sit-down meal at the party or maybe a more informal buffet. Regardless, the food is a top priority so plan this first and ensure it has a substantial part of the budget. Christmas is all about the food and the work party should be no exception. Get quality food and make sure there’s plenty of it so nobody goes hungry. If you have enough budget, consider inviting your employees’ partners and or families along. It adds a nice touch and gives them something back for working hard all year.


Once the food and venue are down, there are several extras you could consider to spice up the evening. Music is a must and most venues have a PA system so you can hook up your own playlist, so make sure you include some classics, as well as traditional Christmas tunes everyone can dance to at the end of the night. Alternatively, you could hire a band or DJ for a classier feel. Consider who your guests are and what sort of atmosphere you want to create. If you have budget leftover a photographer is a nice touch and helps guests remember the great time they had.


If you have a smaller office or want to try something different, consider having a Christmas day out instead. Speak to your employees and get a feel for what sort of thing they’d like to do. Maybe go for something that’s new to everybody so it’s truly a day to remember, or go for the old classics like go-karting or an escape room.

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