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Christmas parties for small groups and teams


Your Christmas party is a great opportunity for the whole team to get together and have a nice time, celebrating the achievements of the year and being thankful for each other. Take a look at our recommendations for what to do and what to consider if you’re organising Christmas parties for small groups, whether that’s for friends and family or colleagues and employees.

Questions to ask yourself when planning a small Christmas party

Do you need the whole space?

One of the first questions to ask yourself is whether or not you need the place to yourselves. There’s no one right answer for everyone – some companies like to save money by using a shared Christmas party venue like Eastwood Hall for their Christmas party, but if you would prefer to only celebrate with your company, that’s perfectly okay. A flexible venue like ours can host parties for a wide range of sizes from small groups to large corporations.

Are you having a theme?

If your party would be themed, it may make it harder to share a venue, as you might not be able to fit in with each other’s themes. If not, a shared venue will work quite well for you and you will have the opportunity for some networking. Don’t forget, you could always ask your venue what the other companies are doing to see if there is a way to collaborate on a theme and a dress code, so you don’t have half masquerade ball and half ugly jumpers, unless of course you’d like that small element of separation.

Learn a new skill as a team

Christmas party activities


Chocolate, cocktails, decorations either at your venue or at theirs can be a great way to involve everyone. You can all work together or compete to create the best festive item and best of all, you will be able to keep (or consume) the fruits of your labour. Masterclasses are great for Christmas parties for small groups, as you often get more time with an instructor, allowing you to learn more.

Axe throwing

It’s not necessarily that festive but a good axe-throwing session is good fun, a stress reliever and good for a little bit of friendly competition. Then you can warm up inside with a nice, warm Christmas meal and exchange presents.

Play some challenging games

Games night

You can visit a specialist games venue or hire somewhere nearby and bring your own games, whether they are board games, card games or video games and organise a tournament or small groups to play the night away.

Murder Mystery

Some theatres will host murder mysteries, where the audience are also playing characters and trying to find out who the murderer is before it’s too late. You could even ask them to host one at your office or at a convenient venue of your choice.

Escape room

An escape room is a great one for small groups and encourages you to all work together. You can always to a DIY escape room, using kits online, if you can’t find an available escape room in your area, and set up the event at a nearby venue.

Take in some culture and care for others

ideas for Christmas parties for small groups

Classic movie screenings

Holiday movies will be everywhere in December but don’t forget about the classics. Some cinemas will be showing older films so why not pop along to a screening. If you don’t see one you fancy, why not organise one at your office or a nearby venue? Just make sure you have all the appropriate licences.

Art gallery

If your co-workers are into art, why not book tickets to view an exhibition at a local gallery? For a bit of extra fun, you could then challenge each other to re-create the works you have seen, whether that is out of clay or through paint or charcoal.

Volunteer at a local shelter

Visit your local shelter, whether that is for the homeless or abandoned animals and make their lives a little brighter with some caring, attention and perhaps a present to make them smile. If you can’t find somewhere, you could always complete challenges to raise money and have fun in the process.

Go out and about to celebrate

fun activities for Christmas parties

Field trip

Load everyone onto a bus or coach and visit a local attraction, whether that’s a theme park, museum, or farm and finish off the evening with a nice, warm meal.

Progressive party

A progressive party moves from one location to another. You could use this approach to do different activities (such as seeing a show or going ice skating) and have new experiences, or you could choose a venue like Eastwood Hall, which has many function spaces that you could use to go from room to room for your different activities. For a really small group, you could even set up each corner for a different part of the night, with an area for a quiz, somewhere to eat or grab a favourite cocktail and a floor space for dancing.

Hopefully, our Christmas parties for small groups ideas have helped you to plan the perfect Christmas party that will boost relationship building and give your staff or loved ones a fantastic time at this festive time of year. If you are looking for a Christmas party venue in Nottingham, get in touch today!