Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes to Make your Colleagues LOL

There are so many options for Christmas parties, from dressing up as characters to wearing outlandish jumpers.  It really depends on the type of event you’re hosting and what everyone’s budget is for what is appropriate for costumes but there are so many options for Christmas fancy dress costumes out there that you’re sure to find one that is right for you and your friends and coworkers. See our top ideas to make your colleagues laugh out loud at your office Christmas party.

Go Mad or Garish

Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes


A beloved Christmas tradition is the Ugly Christmas Jumper Contest. Get everyone to find their absolute worst Christmas jumper and compete to win the title. Just remember that some Christmas jumper can be especially garish so you might want some sunglass to shield your eyes!


There are plenty of Christmas onesies around, not to mention all the usual superhero and animal ones. Get all cosy with your onesies (and dare we say, slippers?) and get that festive feeling going.

Colour Themes

Red and green or black and gold may be some classic colour themes so why not see if you can come up with a garish one to have a little fun. Why not try a neon dress code? You just need to be prepared for some Lycra to make an appearance.

Classic Christmas Characters

Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes

Santa or Mrs. Claus

Who doesn’t love the jolly man who delivers presents all over the world? There are so many options for this, from inflatable suits to bellies made of cushions, not to mention the beards – fluffy, extra-long or light-up.


Not much gets done without Santa’s helpers and there are many cute and fun outfits for elves, including pointy, curled shoes and elaborate hats.


From onesies to brown dresses paired with antlers, there are many options for Rudolph. Don’t forget to add a red nose with face paint (or lipstick) or even a light-up nose.


A snowman is a classic outfit, you just might need to remove your carrot nose in order to eat!


A long white robe and a halo will make up this Christmas costume. Add some wings for a bit of extra effect and you’re good to go.


The Christmas turkey may sound like a strange one to try but there are some fantastic outfits out there for this.


The Christmas tree can be a good DIY outfit, as you can wear a green dress or suit and attach baubles, tinsel and lights, and then add a star hairband. Why not spice it up a little by having each department or team coming with a different character theme for your corporate Christmas party?

Film and Book Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes

Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes

Jack the Pumpkin King

The protagonist of The Nightmare Before Christmas (arguably a Christmas movie, depending on your position) makes a great outfit, as you choose to add a mask that can be taken off later in the night (or to eat) or you can use face paint instead. You can even pair it with a friend dressed as Sally.

The Grinch

Half green and half Santa costume and easy to remember from the book and various adaptations. Like with Jack, you can go for a mask or face paint and you can reuse the Santa costume another time.


For those who haven’t seen the family film ‘Jingle All the Way’, this one may not make sense but you can embrace your inner Arnie by dressing up as Turboman, just as he did in the film.

Harry and Marv

The baddies of the first two Home Alone films make a recognisable costume for most people, particularly if you start adding their various injuries, such as a (fake) iron bruise.

John McClane and Hans Gruber

A tank top in the winter may be a little cold so you may wish to take a coat with you so you don’t freeze outside. Don’t forget to tape a (fake) gun to your back, so you’re ready for a re-enactment.


This outfit might get a little warm but Gizmo is always a cute choice. You could choose to dress as Billy or in Kate’s Clamp Centre outfit from the second film and carry around a Gizmo (or gremlin) if that is easier.


We’ve already mentioned elves, but Buddy the Elf is a common one to be seen and it’ll give you the opportunity to scream ‘Santa’ if you see a co-worker wearing a Santa costume.


So he’s a snowman and they have been covered but as he’s also a character that would work, he gets his own mention.

We hope our ideas for Christmas fancy dress outfits have given you some that you would like to include in your upcoming Christmas party. If you are looking for a Christmas party venue in Nottingham then look no further than Eastwood Hall,  whether you are seeking a Christmas party venue in Nottinghamshire for an exclusive festive dinner or a works Christmas celebration, we can help you to organise your Christmas event.

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