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11 Work Christmas Party Game Ideas For The Office


Looking for work Christmas party game ideas? You’ve landed on the right page! This article is going to take you through our list of top 11 Christmas party game ideas for the office that are actually fun.

To help guide you along the way, we have split this post into three different sections:

  • Picture perfect work Christmas party game ideas
  • Quiz and trivia office Christmas party game ideas
  • Competitive Christmas party game ideas

We’re confident that you will be able to find a festive, fun and quirky Christmas party game for the office that the whole team will love. 

Christmas party games for the office are a great way to boost morale, but they can also help increase productivity. 

Did you know that socialising between team members improves communication patterns by more than 50%? Or how about 54% percent of employees stated that a strong sense of community (great coworkers, celebrating milestones) kept them at a company longer than was in their best interest? 

With statistics like the above, it is important to utilise seasonality events like Christmas to encourage socialising between employees. 

Picture perfect work Christmas party game ideas

work christmas party game ideas

What better way to start the festive season than with some picture perfect work Christmas party game ideas! Here are our favourites to get you in the Christmassy spirit.

Christmas Pictionary

A classic Christmas party game idea that won’t take much explaining. Each team (or individual) will be competing to make the others understand what they are drawing to score points. 

Pictionary is a popular game across the globe and will be a hilarious option for the office. Your team can get creative and competitive with this classic party game.

You can limit this one to Christmas themes as well and if it is not your cup of tea, try the variation below.

Blindfolded Christmas drawings

A more unique Christmas party game idea for the office is blindfolded Christmas drawings.

In this game, you are competing for the most accurate drawing. Everyone bar one person will be wearing a blindfold and trying to draw the picture being described by the non-blindfolded person. 

You can be kind and make the drawings simple, such as a Christmas tree, or you can challenge your fellow revellers and ask them to draw a complicated Christmas scene.

This will get the whole office laughing and will definitely put everyone in a jolly mood. 

To make it competitive, hand out prizes for the most accurately drawn and dares or challenges for the most badly drawn.

Pairs/Christmas memory game

To play this game, you will need pairs of cards set out face down in a grid. You can have the pairs be identical or related, such as Santa and Elves. 

You can take it in turns for each team to try guessing a pair or to make it more interesting, only allow a team to turn over a pair of cards when they have answered a question correctly.


If you’re looking for Christmas party game ideas that the whole team will be familiar with, then Charades is probably your best bet.

This is a classic party game and most people will know how to play, meaning that you won’t have to spend ages explaining the rules to the players. 

You can limit the options to Christmas movies, songs and shows to keep it extra festive. 

Depending on how small your group is, you can either have teams competing for points or do it individually so that the actor and the correct guesser get a much-coveted point.

Charades is not only a great festive game, it is also great for team building and promotes teamwork! 

Quiz and trivia office Christmas party game ideas

christmas party game ideas

If your team loves a pub quiz, then you’ll want to try out some of these quiz and trivia office Christmas party game ideas.

Your employees will have to work together on these mind-bending trivia games. 

Two truths and a lie – Christmas edition

One of our favourite work Christmas party game ideas and also a great icebreaker is Two Truths and a Lie! 

This game involves each player, in turn, saying three statements, two of which are true and one is false. The other guests must either guess or use their knowledge of the speaker to correctly guess the lie. 

You can do this for points or just for fun to get to know each other. Make the questions Christmas themed by making statements based on Christmas family traditions, strange gifts you’d received or your favourite parts of Christmas.

This Christmas party game idea for the office will promote team bonding as it will get your employees to know each other on a more personal level. 

How many ornaments?

This is a good background/beginning game, as the guests can make a guess of how many ornaments there are on the tree and whoever is the closest will win a prize, perhaps from the tree itself. Just don’t forget to count the ornaments as you’re decorating the tree!

Similar to the classic ‘How many sweets are in the jar’ game, with a festive twist! This is one of our favourite Christmas party game ideas for the office because it is quick and simple! 

Christmas quiz

Entertain your guests with a Christmas quiz and let them showcase their knowledge. Divide the game into categories, like songs, movies and books, and let the contestants play for themselves or teams. 

A prize for the winner or winning team wouldn’t be a bad idea for this game, especially as it can be a long one.

Christmas: who am I?

A popular game for icebreakers and dinner parties – each person has the name of a Christmas character or item against their forehead and must ask their companions yes or no questions to work out who they are.

This is a fun game and will encourage your staff to communicate with each other. 

Name that carol

Christmas carols will be everywhere during the festive season so hopefully, your guests will have a few in mind for this game. 

You can play this game in a number of ways, including humming or singing a few lyrics so that others will guess the song or you can make up clues to get people to guess the song, such as ‘it’s starting to really resemble December 25th’ for ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ or perhaps ‘female parent caught in an embrace with famous deliverer of Christmas presents’ for ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus’.

Competitive Christmas party game ideas

christmas party game ideas

Christmas limbo

Find a Christmas scarf and either two volunteers or convenient points for tying and see who can go the lowest. Make the game a little more interesting by strapping either a balloon or a cushion to everyone to give them a Santa belly to make the task harder.

This is a festive twist on the classic limbo game – which you traditionally see within a lūʻau party! 

Photobooth competition

The photo booth is always a popular destination during any party. Why not make it a little more exciting with a competition for the best photo? 

You can set whatever rules you like, whether that’s that all participants must be wearing headgear or that they must be acting out a scene from a Christmas movie, it’s your competition.

Or how about who can find the most festive, largest Christmas tree? Or a throwback to the early 2000s and get your employees to ‘plank’ outside Santa’s Grotto? 

Work Christmas party game ideas – the last word! 

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Christmas party game ideas for the office! To quickly recap, our list of the very best work Christmas party game ideas to play with your employees are: 

  1. Christmas Pictionary
  2. Blindfolded Christmas drawing
  3. Pairs/Christmas memory game
  4. Charades
  5. Two Truths and a Lie
  6. How many ornaments? 
  7. Christmas quiz
  8. Christmas: Who am I?
  9. Name that Carol
  10. Christmas limbo
  11. Photobooth competition

Don’t forget, you can also include Christmas gift exchange games for small groups like Secret Santa. 

We hope you’ve found our Christmas party game ideas list helpful and that you have a wonderful festive season, whatever you end up playing. 

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