Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Actually Like – 2023 Edition

It’s that time of year again when you have to scramble ideas together for a Secret Santa gift for a coworker, in the hope that you’ll choose something they will actually like. Maybe you know the coworker well, and this is a relatively easy task, or perhaps you’re new to the job and need inspiration to buy a fun Secret Santa gift idea that will please everyone. Let’s face it; when you’re new to a company or have coworkers in other departments whom you don’t know very well, the pressure is on to get it right and make sure not to disappoint your work colleague. That’s why we’ve come up with our favourite Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers 2023. We know that these gifts are sure to put a smile on the face of any coworker, regardless of how well you know them.

Secret Santa for a Coworker Who Wants to Feel Zen

  • Who doesn’t love a destressing zen game like these Zen Stacking Stones to wind down on your Christmas holidays? 
  • This secret santa gift idea will be a great one for the coworker who may enjoy seeking balance and tranquillity outside of work
  • These beautifully crafted stones are perfect for stress relief and decoration
  • A subtle reminder to find peace amidst the chaos of work

Secret Santa Gift Idea for Those Who Love a Touch of Luxury

  • A luxury hand cream is a thoughtful gift for anyone during the winter months
  • Ideal for keeping hands soft and moisturised in dry office conditions
  • Choose a high-quality, lightly scented hand cream like this ESPA hand cream from LOOKFANTASTIC for an extra touch of luxury

Secret Santa for the Coworker Who Enjoys a Scented Candle

  • A lovely gift idea for a coworker to create a cosy and calming atmosphere with a scented candle
  • Opt for seasonal scents like cinnamon, pine, or vanilla like this cinnamon-spiced vanilla candle from Next
  • Perfect for adding warmth to any workspace 

Secret Santa Gift Idea for a Coworker Who is a Nature Lover 

  • Look at this bonsai tree starter kit on amazon, it Includes everything needed to grow a bonsai tree from scratch
  • This an especially good secret santa gift idea if you know your coworker and enjoys gardening or wants a little greenery
  • A unique and meaningful gift that promotes relaxation

Secret Santa Gift Idea for Coworkers Who Use Wireless Earbuds

  • AirPods Case are a great Secret Santa gift idea for a coworker as they are practical and stylish 
  • Personalise it with their name or a fun design, like this AirPod case from Amazon
  • Keeps their earbuds protected and easy to find

Secret Santa Gift for the Coworker Who Enjoys a Constant Fragrance

  • A practical alternative to candles, providing a constant fragrance
  • Choose a reed diffuser with a soothing scent like lavender or eucalyptus
  • Keeps the workspace smelling fresh and inviting, John Lewis has a great selection of reed diffusers for under £15

Secret Santa Gift Idea for The Coffee Lover Coworker

  • A versatile and practical secret Santa gift idea for any coworker who doesn’t want to stain their coffee tables!
  • Choose coasters with unique designs or inspirational quotes
  • Check out these fantastic personalised coasters on Etsy, perfect for adding a touch of personality to their workspace

Secret Santa Gift for the Coworker That’s Always on the Go

  • Ensure your coworker never runs out of battery on the go with a powerbank 
  • A thoughtful and practical secret santa gift for those who are always on their devices
  • Compact and portable for convenience 

A Secret Santa Gift Idea for Those Who Love Christmas Scents

  • A Christmas-scented lip balm gift set is a great Secret Santa gift idea for those who love the smell of Christmas
  • Opt for a festive set with holiday-inspired flavours like candy cane or gingerbread
  • This lovely Burts Bees lip balm set keeps lips soft and moisturised during the winter season
  • A small, thoughtful, and budget-friendly gift that adds a touch of Christmas holiday cheer 

The Secret Santa Gift for the Coworker Who Loves a Joke

  • A funny secret Santa gift idea – ideal for the coworker who’s always cracking jokes and appreciates a bit of banter in the workplace
  • Check out this “I Work with Absolute Legends”  mug from Amazon

We hope these gift ideas for Secret Santa have sparked some inspiration for your Christmas shopping this year. Finding the perfect Secret Santa gift for your coworkers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these thoughtful and universally appealing gift ideas for 2023, you can spread the Christmas holiday cheer and make your colleagues feel appreciated. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned coworker or someone you’ve just met, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face and create a warm, festive atmosphere in the workplace. Happy Secret Santa shopping!

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