21 New Year’s Eve Ideas To Ring In 2024

Are you excited for the new year? Planning what to do to ring in the new year can be a bit of headache so we’re here to help! If you’re after spectacular New Year’s Eve ideas to ring in 2024 then you’ve landed on the right page.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the ultimate New Year’s Eve ideas that will certainly go off with a bang! From quirky and fun to elegant and sophisticated, we have New Year’s Eve ideas to suit everyone. 

21 spectacular New Year’s Eve ideas

We have the complete list of New Year’s Ideas so that you can be ready to see 2024 in style. Whether you want NYE ideas for at home or are after a wild party we have suggestions for everyone!

New Year’s Eve Games Night

new years eve ideas games night

To kick off our list of New Year’s Eve ideas, how about a fantastic game night? Perfect if you have little ones, this idea can be tailored to suit all ages. 

Keep it traditional with games such as Charades and Pictionary, and once the kids have gone to bed then bring out the hilarious Cards Against Humanity. 

A  game night will always go down as a treat between family and friends. 

Cocktail Masterclass

cocktail party

All of us like to play bartender! It’s time to get your shakers, stirrers and mixers for an ultimate New Year’s Eve cocktail extravaganza. 

If you want to be in the city when the clock hits midnight, then there are plenty of bars that offer cocktail masterclasses. This will often consist of you and your friends choosing 3 cocktails of your choice and a bartender will talk you through the steps of how to make them. This is a fun, energetic New Year’s Eve idea and the best part? You get to drink the cocktails you make! 

If you are planning a gathering at home, then get the guests to bring ingredients for a cocktail of their choice. You can then each make them in your kitchen and take it in turns. This is a great way to explore a range of different cocktails and taste something new! There is also a lot of affordable cocktail making kits around, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the right tools! 

Host A Dinner Party

dinner party

If elegant and sophisticated is your middle name, then a dinner party will be right up your street. Invite your nearest and dearest over for a luxurious 3-course dinner, have some drinks and see in the New Year in an intimate setting. 

This is perfect if you want to keep the event small and civilised. BBC Good Food has an array of New Year’s Eve recipes that are easy to follow and delicious. Whether you are after a full blown tasty beef wellington or a casual grazing platter, we are certain it will go down a treat with your guests. 

New Year’s Eve Disco Idea

What’s better than a classic disco? We’re talking sequins, disco balls and the biggest flares you can find. This New Year’s Eve idea is wonderful if you’re looking to take it back to old school. 

Create a groovy playlist on Spotify and dance the night away! This is a great NYE party theme if you are throwing a house party. 

Boozy Dessert Bar

new years eve ideas boozy dessert

New Year’s Eve is all about the booze and dessert right? So why not combine the two! Your guests will love these tasty treats with a kick and it will definitely keep the party going until midnight. 

We’re thinking whiskey ice cream floats, bourbon bread pudding, Champagne cupcakes and Bailey’s chocolate cake! Yummy! 

Recap The Year

It’s the end of the year! It certainly has had its ups and downs but now is the perfect time to get together with your favourite people and recap the year’s events. What has been the wackiest, weirdest moment for you? What has been your favourite part of 2023?

Recapping the year is a great way to reminisce about the good times and to also be thankful that you are saying goodbye to the not so good times. 

Go To A New Year’s Eve Party

Did someone say party? Sit back and relax knowing your party is planned out for an excellent New Year’s Eve Party. Our New Year’s Eve party in Nottingham is definitely going to be one to remember. 

Start the night with welcome cocktails and canapes before you take your seat to enjoy a lavish 5-course meal. Once dinner is served, you can join fellow party-goers on the dancefloor as you party on through the evening with our resident DJ before counting down to 2024! 

Write Down Your 2024 Goals

Setting up your goals for 2024 is a great way to start the New Year. It gives you motivation and you are going into 2024 knowing exactly what you are aiming to achieve. 

This doesn’t have to be a definitive list. But where do you want to be at the end of the year? What is your main goal? Why do you want to achieve this? 

Remember that it’s a New Year. You can press the restart button. New Year, New me! 

Design a Photo Backdrop

In this day and age, is it even a party if you don’t show Instagram? Nowadays every event needs a brilliant photo backdrop where your guests can pose for the gram. 

This doesn’t need to be extravagant. A simple metallic wall covering and some balloons will create a fun backdrop or how about a flower wall with neon signs. 

If DIY isn’t your thing, then you can even hire a backdrop. Uplit Event Hire has some incredible floral backdrops whilst Megabooth creates some colour popping balloon walls! Whatever you plan, a camera and props will be sure to get your New Year’s Eve guests excited!

Props should include moustaches, hats and inflatable instruments for extra fun! These will create some hilarious photographs so that you can remember the night.

Throw it back to the roaring ’20s

I think it’s safe to say that we can all now understand why the roaring ’20s were so, well, roaring.

Stick to classic black/white/metallic colour schemes and throw in some Art Deco details. Get your guests to dress up in all the tassels and have a night to remember. A grand 20’s theme will always be a popular choice. 

New Year’s Eve pyjama party idea

If you have little ones, then think about hosting a pyjama party! The kids can get involved and you can even get matching family onesies that are adorable. 

We’re thinking festive pyjamas, hot chocolates, sweets and all the snacks. This goes hand in hand with a movie night. And an added bonus? At the end of the night, you can literally just go to bed. 

Go to a Family-Friendly NYE Party

Don’t fancy staying in with the kids on NYE? A great New Year’s Eve idea is to find a family-friendly event to go to. 

At Eastwood Hall, we’re throwing the ultimate family New Year’s Eve party so you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter. Enjoy a welcome cocktail before being seated to indulge in a buffet dinner before dancing the night away with our resident DJ. 

New Year’s Eve Craft Ideas

A festive New Year’s Eve idea for the creative minds! Hosting an arts and crafts party will be fun and a great activity to throw yourself into.

We’re talking about ‘2024’ headbands, DIY glitter candles and noisemakers. And when the clock strikes midnight? You’ll have an array of props to celebrate with! 

Murder Mystery

Whether you look for a Murder Mystery evening at a country hotel or you join a virtual Murder Mystery party, you’re sure to have a fun evening.

Red Herring Games provide affordable virtual murder mystery games that are enjoyable for all ages. All you have to do is choose the game, download it and email your guests with some information. 

A great alternative to the classic ‘whodunit’ Cluedo, a virtual murder mystery party will leave your guests talking about the event well into the new year. 

Write down your New Year’s resolution

new years eve resolution

It’s not New Year’s Eve unless you have a resolution, right?

Make sure you write your resolution down and keep it safe. In a few months, you can pop back to it to make sure you are sticking to your resolution! Try to opt for something achievable. 

For example, an unrealistic resolution is to give up Chocolate completely – not happening! Instead, maybe opt for only eating Chocolate on a Saturday. This way, you still get to indulge and have an achievable resolution on the table. 

Dance it out

It is time to quite literally dance the night away! New Year’s Eve should be full of music, funky dance moves and drinks galore. 

Create several playlists before the event, make sure you have adequate space for dancing and once the guests arrive, the rest will be history. 

Drinking Games

If you are attending an adult-only party, then of course drinking games will be involved! Throw it back to the days of Ring of Fire or Never Have I Ever, or get creative with Cards Against Humanity. 

There are so many classic and not-so-classic drinking games available. 

With apps now available such as Picolo, it’s possible for everyone to gather around and have the ultimate night of drinking.

Have a balloon wall

Balloon walls and arches are beautiful. They have very quickly become all the rave this year and what better occasion to purchase a balloon wall than New Year’s Eve? 

Above we mentioned Megabooth – a company that lets you hire balloon walls and arches. 

However, if DIY is your thing, why not invest in a balloon arch kit? Ginger Ray has a wide range of DIY kits available at an affordable price. 

Create mini Champagne labels

Champagne, a classic statement for New Year’s Eve. If you are hosting a party and want a keepsake your guests can take away with them, then mini Champagne bottles with personalised 2024 labels are perfect! 

They are the perfect gift to remember a fantastic evening seeing the New Year in. 

NYE bakeoff 

If you’re looking for a quieter New Year’s Eve idea and you’re a die-hard bakeoff fan, then why not invite a small group of friends

incorporate this into your NYE party? 

Get each guest to bring a home-baked dish of their choice and all vote on whose cake, bake or tart is the tastiest! This is great because it means you’ll have a TONNE of delicious food throughout the night and everyone can get creative with what they bring. 


It is New Year’s Eve so of course, we have to include the iconic countdown! So don’t forget!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

New Year’s Eve ideas to ring in 2024 – a quick recap!

We hope you have enjoyed our list of New Year’s Eve ideas to ring in 2024! Hopefully, you now have some ideas and can fully go ahead and start planning the biggest event of the year.

As a quick recap, our top 21 New Year’s Eve ideas to ring in 2024 are: 

  1. New Year’s Eve games night
  2. Cocktail masterclass
  3. Host a dinner party
  4. New Year’s Eve disco idea
  5. Boozy dessert bar
  6. Recap the year
  7. Go to a New Year’s Eve party
  8. Write down your 2024 goals
  9. Design a photo backdrop
  10. Throw it back to the roaring ’20s
  11. New Year’s Eve pyjama party idea
  12. Go to a family-friendly NYE party
  13. New Year’s Eve craft party ideas
  14. Virtual murder mystery
  15. Write down your New Year’s Eve resolutions
  16. Dance it out
  17. Drinking games
  18. Have a balloon wall
  19. Create mini Champagne labels
  20. NYE bakeoff
  21. Countdown

You can learn more about all of our festive events at Eastwood Hall by visiting our webpage or giving us a call! 

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