DIY Craft Hen Party Ideas and Tutorials

With the introduction of Youtube and Pinterest along with a long line of other online resources, DIY, customising and crafting your own hen party games has become more popular than ever, particularly for big events. When you can find everything you need to learn a new skill at the click of a button, it would be silly not to utilise it. A whole world of ideas and tutorials at everyone’s fingertips for anything you could imagine, from baking to cross-stitch.

If you love arts and crafts, learning new skills and having a laugh with your closest friends, a DIY craft hen party idea could be the way forward! A day or evening spent making memories and creating something which you can cherish forever and is something everyone can get involved in.

Your hen do is a really special occasion. Not only is it a chance to commemorate your upcoming wedding, but also to celebrate your girls in the lead up to the big day. Children and adults alike can be involved in a crafting day, so if you have little ones this option is perfect.

There are two types of crafty hen party ideas in today’s blog, professionally organised events, and ideas for you to have your own DIY craft hen party at home. Either way, they’re both really exciting and enjoyable options which will complement the lead up to your wedding.

Let’s get started!

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DIY Craft Hen Party Ideas

For a fun and inexpensive hen party, why not become a party host for your very own DIY craft hen party at home! Gather some materials together or ask the girls to bring their own.

Then prepare to spend the afternoon laughing and crafting! Prepare a buffet with finger sandwiches, cake and plenty of prosecco for the hens to enjoy during. Once you’ve finished creating, everyone will have a keepsake of something which can be used at the wedding. Hand made items on display will make the day even more memorable. Here are our favourite DIY ideas you can try at home!

Floral garland making

Flower arranging is such a relaxing activity which can produce amazing results! Why not have a go at floristry by making a floral garland which all of your hen party guests can take home to enjoy! There are a plethora of youtube videos and step-by-steps, we love this easy to follow video on YouTube. All you will need is your selection of flowers, scissors, florist wire and tape.

You can find loads of craft supplies on Amazon or local hobby shops so find a clear space in your house, such as the dining room table, and transform it into a craft station. Ask your hens to bring their favourites flowers tailored to your colour scheme and set everyone up making these stunning creations.

If your wedding is just around the corner, put them all somewhere safe and use them to decorate on the big day. Then, as you walk down the aisle, you’ll be reminded of the amazing memories of your hen party.

hen party ideas


For all those vintage lovers out there, bunting is the perfect bespoke decor for any room. It brightens up any space and after the wedding, you can save it for your home! You don’t need lots of fancy materials, you could make your bunting out of scrap material or old clothes. All you need is binding tape, pinking shears, needle and thread and some material of your choice.

Lay your binding tape out and decide what shape you want your bunting. Go for the traditional triangle or grab some cool templates for a unique design. Once you have your desired amount, pin your shapes in place, folding the shortest edge over. Now you’re ready to get sewing!

Secure each shape to the binding tape, remembering to leave space at each end to tie them up! And there you have it. This is such a simple craft which is so enjoyable. We recommend having a few guests who are skilled sewers to give people a hand if needed!

Ceramic Painting

We all remember basic painting on mugs and bowls as a kid at school and how enjoyable it was. Now experience the upgraded version with more skilled hands at your craft hen party! Get some ceramics such as bowls, mugs and plates and some paint and different sized brushes. We would recommend grabbing some scrap paper to practise on first.

Once your hens have tried their hand at painting, give everyone an item and let them unleash their creative side. We love painting items such as shaped flower pots and vases which hens can then display in their home!

You can also purchase glass items such as suncatchers which look fabulous hung at the window and are super easy to create. This is perfect if you aren’t super crafty but still want to enjoy some creative fun.

Don’t forget that you can mix and match a range of crafts together so everyone gets a chance to do something they enjoy! Why not make a day of it with different crafts and a nice lunch in between and prosecco to top it off. If the suns shining and you have a garden, make use of the outside space which allows easy cleanup.

Things like ceramic painting and making flower crowns is a perfect activity for the little ones. If you have children attending, why not set up a kids craft table so they have a chance to make a masterpiece!

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Hen Party Craft Activities

If you want to book your hens in for a professional craft session, there are so many options to choose from. There is a class for every craft you can think of with trained teachers who can guide you and your hens to design amazing keepsakes. Simply book your team onto the course and upon arrival, you will have everything you need.

A great option if you need a break from planning a hen party. If someone you love is getting married, why not send them this blog and suggest some crafty hen party ideas? They’re so much fun and something unique to try. Here are our favourite craft classes.

Make Do Menders

This company provide creative classes and workshops that you’re sure to love in a variety of locations throughout England. Choose what sort of thing you’d like to learn from flower crown creation to cake baking and even stationery making, so if you want your own handmade wedding invites, you can make these! Make Do Menders provides all the equipment you need so just bring your bride-team and a creative mind.

Our favourite activity here would have to be making fascinators which all your hens can wear at the wedding!

The Crafty Hen

The Crafty Hen is another excellent company who provide a range of creative crafts for you and your hens. Working nationwide, they provide lessons given by professional and independent craftspeople. You will work as a team with your hens and enjoy some giggles whilst you all create something unique to take home.

Some of our favourite hen do activities offered by The Crafty Hen include ceramic painting, garter making and memory book creation. The Crafty Hen also offer “Crafty Kits” which are a DIY version of their classes which gets sent directly to you!  Choose from fascinator making, mobile making kit and more!

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Crafty hen party ideas conclusion

So there you have it, our favourite crafty hen party ideas! If would prefer a low key hen do with lots of laughs and prosecco, crafty hen parties are for you!

Or if you want a party, why not take your craft day and lead it into a party evening? The great thing about crafting days is that you can make this event as lavish or inexpensive as you like, so if you want to save the budget for the wedding you can. This also provides a chance to create keepsakes that you can look back on in years to come and remember your special memories and friends!

Let us know your favourite craft or if you gave one of ours a go!

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