10 DIY Wedding Table Decorations and Centrepieces

Centrepieces are a nice finishing touch for your tables at your wedding reception. There is a range of options available to you, from wedding centrepiece hire to buying and DIY crafts to opting out of wedding table decorations and centrepieces altogether. What is right for you will depend upon the availability of materials that will fit into your vision.

DIY centrepieces can be great to save money and give you the exact effect you wanted. Just remember to keep an eye on the budget, as you don’t want to go over by doing it yourself. Here are some of our top DIY wedding table decorations and centrepiece ideas.

Antique and Rustic Wedding Centrepieces

Antique and rustic wedding table centrepieces are very popular at the moment, particularly as top table decorations so take a look at the examples below to see if they would suit your wedding decor.

Birdcage Wedding Centrepieces

DIY Wedding Table Decorations

Small birdcages are being seen more and more at weddings nowadays as a wedding centrepiece. These can be filled or decorated with vines of flowers, candles or another item of your choosing. So it’s up to you to make the centrepieces as unique as you want them.

Antique Books

DIY Wedding Table Decorations

Tie together or stack antique books for your centrepieces. You can group the books by author or genre, depending on the literature that you choose. If you are stacking the books, candles can be added to the top of the stack. When using candles, be careful not to get any wax on the books.

Wedding Table Lights

Add a little atmosphere to the conversations during the wedding breakfast with wedding table decorations made from lights. There are so many options available and so many ways that you can customise these DIY centerpieces. Adding a few warm lights into jam jars as your DIY project it can really transform the table.


Wedding Table Decorations

Arguably lantern wedding table decorations belonged in the last category but they tick so many boxes that we’ve put them here. Lanterns can look amazing as centrepieces and can be filled with candles, fairy lights or paper flowers, depending on the type of feel you would like to display at your big day.

Floating Candles

wedding table decorations

wedding table decorations

This wedding table decoration is a very simple one to set up. All you need is a bowl, some wedding flowers or petals and some floating tea lights. Simply fill the bowl with water, sprinkle the petals over the top and add the tea lights to the water. You can place stones at the bottom for a pop of your colour or add glitter so your centrepiece sparkles.

Fairy Lights

DIY Wedding Table Decorations

Fairy lights are fantastic in DIY centrepieces. You can put them inside vases to create a pretty lighting effect or you can twine them round a small tree or metal structure – the perfect finishing touch to any wedding reception table decorations.

Whimsical and Fun Wedding Centrepieces

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to show your character and have a little fun with your guests, especially if there’s a chance that they may be sat for a little while for the wedding breakfast table. These DIY wedding centrepiece decorations should have your guests your admiring creativity and a sense of fun.

Lego Bowls

wedding table decorations

wedding table decorations

Lego is great for a pop of colour and is available in so many shades that you are bound to find one that works with your wedding colours. Why not build something out of the Lego yourselves for a little added fun? If you want you can always just have a rainbow of colours and let your guests’ creativity add to the decoration at your wedding.

You could even give a prize for the best creation to encourage people to have a go during the wedding breakfast. Please ensure younger guests are appropriately supervised and that very small pieces are kept away from little ones.

Paper Pinwheels

wedding table decorations

wedding table decorations

Paper pinwheels are relatively easy to make and can be made inexpensively using coloured or patterned card that can be obtained from your local craft store (or online). These can then be put into vases like flowers or could even be attached to the backs of chairs. In fact, you could use different colours for different tables to easily direct guests to their table number.


DIY Wedding Table Decorations

If you and your partner are very into board games, why not use them as centrepieces (or even create your own board games especially for the event). Just be careful with any precious ones, just in case there are any spillages, wear and tear or missing pieces. These centrepieces can be used for entertainment, as long as guests don’t then miss the speeches, bouquet toss and dancing.

Rainbow Bowls

DIY Wedding Table Decorations

Use sand or rice coloured with food dye to make beautiful bowls that match or complement your colour scheme as a wedding table decoration idea. You can make these with one colour or do a mixture of colours. Whatever you prefer. For an added touch of glamour, add a tea light to the bowl, put a pillar candle within the bowl so that it rests at the bottom but protrudes above the rice or add a flower to the top.

You could even use sand timers with the same colour as your wedding colours.

Edible Centrepieces

DIY Wedding Table Decorations

If you’d like, you can make centrepieces out of fruit and/or sweets that can be used to whet the appetites of your guests, as well as being a fun and colourful table display to enchant your guests.

With so many DIY wedding table decorations out there, you’re sure to find the one that is right for your wedding. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Nottingham, get in touch with our team on 0115 871 1904 or fill out our contact form.

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