10 Of The Most Popular Flowers For Weddings

With so many popular wedding flowers to choose from, how do you whittle down the options? Luckily you don’t have to! The team at Eastwood Hall have put together their list of the 10 most popular flowers for weddings that are seen at the venue.

You can’t have an iconic wedding without a plethora of flowers! You will want the full blooms to be perfect on your big day and I’m sure you’re asking yourself a tonne of questions such as ‘What are popular bouquet flowers?’ and ‘What are the most common wedding flowers?’. You want to pick a flower that is relatively low maintenance, goes with your colour scheme and of course, looks divine for both yourself and the bridesmaids.

There are so many types of flowers to opt for, all coming in a range of colours such as white, yellow, orange and pink!  The world is your oyster when it comes to popular wedding flowers, but one thing is for sure: you want to choose wedding flowers that are a symbol of love.

How to Choose Flowers for a Wedding? 

If you’re thinking that you don’t even know where to start, then don’t worry! As we have put together a list of the 10 most popular flowers for weddings, so you can narrow down your choices before you even walk into the florist. Eastwood Hall is a wedding venue based in Nottingham and we have hosted thousands of weddings in our stunning manor house.

We have seen traditional indoor weddings as well as bohemian outdoor weddings with greenery, succulents and tepee tents, so we know a thing or two when it comes to popular wedding flower types

What are the Most Popular Types of Flowers Used in a Wedding?

Let’s get started on our exclusive list of the 10 most popular flowers for weddings…

1) Roses

popular flowers for weddings

We’re starting with the obvious choice and probably one of the most common flowers for weddings. The Rose is a staple flower and symbolises love and beauty – the perfect choice when marrying the love of your life. Romantic poets and writers have used the rose for thousands of years as a metaphor for passion and true love.

Roses are a great option and you can opt for the timeless and classic red rose, however, there are hundreds of varieties of roses, all different colours, shapes and sizes. This means that this popular wedding flower is available at any time of the year and goes with almost any theme you choose. There are 3 main types of roses that are commonly used for weddings and these are hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses.

2) Peony

popular flowers for weddings

Another wonderful choice on our list of popular flowers for weddings is peonies. The bright and vibrant flower makes it a perfect choice for a summer wedding. However, peonies are unfortunately one of the most expensive wedding flowers you can opt for and are best suited for those with a bigger flower budget. If you are desperate to have these stunning flowers, think about having a centrepiece of peonies on the head table of the wedding, or just your bouquet and have a different choice for your bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Traditionally coming in shades of pink, white or red, these extravagant flowers are sure to dazzle. You can also find them in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow although this is less common. There are two main types of peony and these are the herbaceous and the tree peony.

3) Ranunculus

popular flowers for weddings

Ideal for spring, summer and fall, ranunculus is a budget-friendly and cheaper alternative to roses or peonies. This common type of wedding flower comes in a variety of colours and sizes so you will find a style to match your colour scheme. Commonly used as accents of a bouquet and not the star of the show, these complimentary flowers are beautiful, yet simple.

They are also often used by the groom and ushers as a boutonnière due to their cost-effectiveness and colour variety. The closely formed petals make for a striking display and look great paired with almost any other wedding flower type.

4) Tulips

popular flowers for weddings

Next on our list of popular flowers for weddings is of course the tulip! Tulips are highly associated with the Netherlands but are actually native to Persia. This popular type of wedding flower symbolises happy years and consuming love, making it an appropriate choice for a wedding. There is so much more variety than what you can imagine with a tulip.

You can choose from fringed tulips, double tulips, Rembrandt tulips and so many more! They also come in a wide range of hues, so whether you prefer subtle pastels or vibrant reds, oranges and purples, the tulip will be sure to have a shade you will fall in love with. They are also suitable for almost any wedding arrangement such as bouquets, boutonnière and table centrepieces.

5) Hydrangeas

popular flowers for weddings

Classically seen in shades of blue or white, hydrangeas can also be found in shades of pale pink and burgundy. These beautiful flowers scream femininity and elegance with their shape resembling a beating heart. Their voluminous blooms make them a popular choice and are moderately priced.

Often used as a striking bouquet, some types of hydrangeas can actually change colour from pale pink to sky blue, depending on the acid level of the soil. Hydrangeas are for sure one of the most popular wedding flowers and are well known to be common in the industry. Your florist will be able to pair with shrub flowers to fill out the bouquet and make something truly breathtaking.

6) Gardenia

popular flowers for weddings

Gardenias are native to Southern Asia and Japan and represent elegance, grace and beauty. These common wedding flowers have no stem, so are a popular choice for wedding table centrepieces. Simply fill up a glass bowl with water and have them floating in the middle of the table.

A single gardenia is also a popular choice for corsages and hair accessories. The ivory petals surrounded by the deep green leaves make for a striking appearance and are perfect for bohemian-style weddings. They also look wonderful if you opt to have a flower crown!

7) Orchid

popular flowers for weddings

Orchids are a timeless classic. Often used as a popular choice of houseplant, Orchids are also one of the more popular flowers for weddings. Coming in different pastel shades, these wedding flowers look wonderful as an accent to the bridal bouquet.

The tropical plant, often found in southern Central America, northwest South America and countries that lie along the Andes Mountains, means that these gorgeous flowers are perfect for a beachy wedding.

8) Calla Lilly

popular flowers for weddings

Calla Lillie’s are trumpet-shaped blooms originating from Africa and will add a sleek and modern twist to your arrangement. Their long stems will certainly make a statement and will leave your guests looking twice! You can also use these dazzling flowers as a centrepiece by placing them in a tall vase.

The two most common types of the calla lily are a large-headed lily with a long stem or a cute miniature version ideal for boutonnières. You can get calla lilies’ in yellow, ivory, orange, mauve and dark purple – ideal for a winter wedding.

9) Sweet Pea

popular flowers for weddings

Sweet peas are well…sweet. The cute and popular wedding flower type is loved all around the world due to its dainty leaves and translucent petals. Symbolising lasting pleasure, the delicate flower looks fantastic on its own or as an accent to a bolder flower such as the Calla Lilly.

This favourite is commonly used for brides as well as bridesmaids and is available in many colours such as subtle whites, intense pinks and daring purples. Blooming in the spring, these flowers make for a popular choice when having an outdoor wedding and are perfect if you want something a bit more subtle.

10) Anemone

popular flowers for weddings

Finally, but certainly not least on our list of popular flowers for weddings is an anemone. Usually black and white, these flowers are graphic, striking and perfect for the modern bride. If you are looking to make a dramatic statement, then anemone is the choice of wedding flower for you.

The bold black centre looks striking up against the white petals and makes for a great non-traditional choice. Available from winter through spring, these make for great wedding flowers all year round.

What are the Best Wedding Flower Arrangements? 

Although traditional wedding flowers differ across the globe, there are some staple popular flowers for weddings that never change! For example, roses, tulips and Lily of the Valley are statement wedding flowers used in most cultures.

Chinese weddings will often use peonies for floral design as they represent peace beauty and health, whilst the use of lotus flowers symbolises purity, longevity and honour.

Part of Indian weddings is a ceremony called jaimala or varmala. This is where the bride and groom exchange floral garlands. These are typically made from jasmine, roses and marigolds.

What Popular Wedding Flowers Are Used to Decorate a Bride?

It is not just bridal bouquets that need to be thought about! Often the blushing bride will have a statement floral headpiece. Floral headbands have become popular over the years, with many brides opting for this quirky feature instead of a traditional veil.

These are often flowers of a white variety and of course a splash of green for the leaves! Some people even use succulents because they are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Floral garlands are also becoming popular instead of a traditional bouquet. These wrap around the bride (think 90’s feather bower) and are made from a variety of floral blooms!

How much should you spend on Popular Flowers for Weddings?

How much you spend on popular wedding flowers at your chosen wedding florist for your wedding day will differ depending on the type of flower you want as your statement piece and how many flowers you need. For example, are your flowers just simply for the bouquets, or will you need headpieces and wedding centrepieces for the tables?

Floral arrangements can be pricey if you are throwing a large wedding. Especially if you are opting for classic Roses. Typically, don’t be surprised if your wedding flowers cost a minimum of £1,000.

However, there are lots of factors that can affect the price of your popular flowers for weddings. For example, location, wedding date and the size of your order will all affect the final pricing.

Can I Do DIY Wedding Flowers?  

Absolutely! If you have a knack for crafting, this presents a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your creative abilities at your own wedding, all while opting for a more budget-friendly option for your wedding flowers.

Doing DIY wedding flowers can be a fun and cost-effective way to personalise your wedding decor. While it requires some planning and preparation, follow these simple steps to help you create beautiful arrangements for your special day:

  1. Make a list of the floral elements you’ll need, such as bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, and any other decorative arrangements.
  2. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on flowers and stick to it. DIY flowers can be more affordable, but costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful.
  3. Look for flower varieties that are in season and readily available during your wedding date. This helps ensure freshness and lowers costs. Consider the colour palette and style you want to achieve.
  4. Purchase floral shears, floral tape, floral wire, ribbon, vases or containers, floral foam (if using), and any other materials required for your chosen arrangements.
  5. Look for inspiration from wedding magazines, websites, or social media platforms. Sketch out your designs and determine the quantities of each type of flower you’ll need.
  6. Visit a local flower market, or a wholesale florist, or consider ordering online. Order your flowers a few days before the wedding to ensure they’re fresh.
  7. Trim the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that will be below the waterline. Place the flowers in buckets of water and let them hydrate for a few hours or overnight.
  8. Start with the focal flowers and build around them. Create a balanced composition by varying the height, colour, and texture of the blooms. Secure the stems with floral tape or wire, and finish by wrapping the stems with ribbon.
  9. Use small flowers, greenery, and floral tape or wire to create boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen, and corsages for the mothers. Wrap the stems with ribbon or decorative twine.
  10. Use floral foam or containers filled with water to hold your arrangements. Trim the stems to the desired length and create visually appealing compositions for your centrepieces and other floral decor.
  11. Place the finished bouquets and arrangements in water-filled containers and keep them in a cool, dark room until it’s time for the wedding. Mist them with water occasionally to maintain freshness.
  12. On the wedding day, transport the flowers to the venue and set them up according to your plan. Have someone responsible for handling the flowers and ensuring they’re displayed correctly.

Remember, DIY wedding flowers require time, patience, and attention to detail. It’s advisable to practice creating arrangements before the big day to ensure you’re comfortable with the process. Additionally, consider enlisting the help of friends or family members to assist with the arrangements to ease the workload.

How Many Flowers do you need for a Wedding?

The number of flowers you’ll need for a wedding in the UK can vary depending on the size of your wedding, the number of floral elements you want, and the overall design aesthetic. Here’s a general guideline to help you estimate the quantities of flowers:

  1. Typically, a bridal bouquet consists of 20-30 stems of flowers, but this can vary based on the size and style of the bouquet.
  2. Bridesmaid bouquets usually have fewer flowers than the bridal bouquet. You can estimate around 10-20 stems per bouquet, depending on their size.
  3. You’ll need boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen, fathers, and any other male members of the wedding party. Plan for 1-2 stems per boutonniere.
  4. Corsages are typically worn by mothers and sometimes grandmothers. Plan for 2-3 stems per corsage.
  5. If you plan to have floral arrangements at the ceremony venue, consider aisle markers, altar arrangements, and any other decorative pieces. The quantity will depend on the size and design of the space.
  6. The number of centrepieces will depend on the number of tables and the desired density of floral arrangements. Estimate 5-10 stems per centrepiece, but this can vary based on the size of the arrangements and the types of flowers used.

Remember to account for any additional floral elements you may want, such as flower crowns, flower girl baskets, cake decorations, or floral installations. It’s always best to consult with a florist or a wedding floral specialist who can provide personalised recommendations based on your specific wedding vision and budget.

What Colour Flowers are best for Weddings? 

There are many popular flower colours used at weddings. Whether you are opting for a cream, pink, green or white colour theme the colour of your wedding flowers is usually coordinated with the dress, decor and theme of your wedding. Some of the popular colours of flowers that we have seen to be used at our wedding venue are: 

  1. Pink
  2. Green
  3. White
  4. Blue
  5. Red
  6. Yellow

Popular Flowers for Weddings

It’s pretty clear that you don’t have to be an expert to choose the best wedding flowers for your big day. With thousands of flowers to choose from, we understand why it might seem daunting at first, especially of the pressure of wanting to make the right choice. However, we hope this list of popular flowers for weddings has been useful and you have now been able to narrow down your choice to a select few. To quickly recap the 10 most popular wedding flowers are:

  1. Rose
  2. Peony
  3. Ranunculus
  4. Tulip
  5. Hydrangea
  6. Gardenia
  7. Orchid
  8. Calla Lillies
  9. Sweet Pea
  10. Anemone

We’re sure that you still have lots of questions regarding your wedding flowers such as ‘how much is a bouquet of flowers for a wedding?’, ‘What are the uncommon types of wedding flowers?’, or ‘what is the best flower for a wedding bouquet?’.

We are happy to answer all of your questions, so get in touch about your special day and we’ll give you all the help we can! Or, if you are looking for more flower bouquet ideas, head over to Pinterest for some truly stunning flower arrangements.

Eastwood Hall is the perfect venue for indoor and outdoor weddings. Our gorgeous manor house makes for the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs, so if you’re looking for a wedding venue around Nottingham, then speak to our dedicated wedding coordinators today and book a viewing. Alternatively, browse our wedding packages.

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