Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

If you’re looking for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Saying “I do” surrounded by nature sounds practically perfect, as well as being bound to look stunning in photographs. One of the great things about getting married in the great outdoors is that you can take so much inspiration from the scenery around you, and incorporate it into your own decor, theme, and ceremony.

However you’re planning on going about your big day, whether you’re expecting glorious sunshine and a summer wedding garden party on the lawn, or you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland and kitting out your guests with fluffy blankets and hot chocolates galore: there are plenty of reasons for having your wedding al fresco.

Creative Seating

Getting married inside often restricts couples from flexing their creative muscles, especially when it comes to seating arrangements for your wedding guests. Instead of opting for simple chairs or pews, think about incorporating blankets or even hay bales, if it fits your theme nicely. 

Fantastic Photographs

The countryside, the forest, the beach: wherever you’re tying the knot, the great outdoors offers beautiful backdrops and, of course, natural lighting. So, if you’re wanting the best photos of your big day, it’s worth hiring a professional to capture your gorgeous venue.

More Freedom

Overall, outdoor weddings offer a lot more options. It’s as simple as that. You’re not constricted by four walls and a roof, the only thing you’re really constricted by is your imagination!

outdoor wedding ideas

When it comes to the little bits and pieces, it’s a lot easier to be personal, too! Adding those last touches is easier when there are fewer restrictions.

It goes without saying, however, that the UK weather is unpredictable at best and absolutely awful at worst! If you don’t mind your wedding dress potentially getting a tad damp on your big day, then no worries! But if you’re not as keen, make sure you have a backup plan just in case: a tent, a gazebo, or an inside venue on the backburner (if you can!) will potentially come in handy.  

If your heart is set on saying “I do” outside no matter what, that’s fantastic! Whatever the weather, here are some of our favourite outdoor wedding ideas on a budget:

Inexpensive Outdoor Wedding Ideas

1) Plants Are Perfect For Centrepieces

outdoor wedding ideas

Luscious greenery is a fabulous decoration, full stop! Wedding flowers are nice, but wherever you put a plant, the space you put it in is immediately enhanced, and a little more lively to say the least! Potted plants make amazing wedding styling centrepieces, especially if you use different heights and different-sized clusters. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will smell gorgeous, too! 

Not to mention, these plants can also be doubled-up and used as wedding favours. Whether you use fake plants like these ones on Etsy or real ones, that’s really up to you. Either option is relatively inexpensive, but it’s recommended that your main plant-based centrepiece should be a real plant, and the ones you plan on giving away as wedding favours are fake, to ensure they last for a long time after the wedding no matter who you give them to!

2) An Outdoor Wedding Lounge

outdoor wedding ideas

Whatever season you choose to tie the knot in, an outside seating area is always a top-notch plan when it comes to outdoor weddings. Whether you cover your benches with fur blankets and winter flowers, or you go for more of a boho-festival feel with colourful rugs and feathery dream-catchers hung everywhere: an outside lounge is a perfect way to make everyone feel like part of the family.  This is a great outdoor wedding reception idea, just after the wedding ceremony.

To save even more money, try hitting the local vintage and antique shops for mismatched furniture and interesting decor pieces, and knick-knacks. You never know what you might find when rummaging in the back of a thrift/charity shop either, so keep an eye out for treasures among the trinkets. Anything can be upcycled and made to fit the wedding theme of your big day in the great outdoors.

3) A Lot of Fairy Lights

outdoor wedding ideas

Nothing, and we mean nothing, can beat the atmosphere that hanging a tonne of string lights can create. The warm glow of a string of fairy lights can add a certain something to any outdoor wedding, wherever you decide to hang them! These will also come in handy when the day begins to turn into night, as the outdoor ceremony will be lit during the day, and the dance floor will be illuminated, and thus incredibly inviting.

Outdoor lights used to be quite a large expense, but nowadays it doesn’t take a lot of money to get your venue looking beautiful. You can actually get 50 feet of string lighting from websites like Amazon, for a very reasonable price. Consider these lights an investment, as they can be used time and time again: think back garden barbeques in the summer, or festive decoration in the winter!

4) A Garden Wedding

outdoor wedding ideas

Whenever you’re planning on getting married, there’s not a lot that’s more romantic (or quintessentially British!) than getting married on the grounds of an establishing building, or in the gardens of a large stately home. Usually, these types of venues offer packages and deals that can help you save massively, especially when it comes to planning your wedding

Our Eastwood Hall venue is a stunning outdoor wedding venue, surrounded by 26 acres of well-kept ground, which is absolutely gorgeous when it comes to photographs of your wedding day. We also offer a variety of rooms in our manor house which can hold up to 240 guests, and an array of wedding packages for you to choose from. So relax, and let us help you minimise wedding costs, and plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

5) A Wedding Hashtag

outdoor wedding ideas

Wedding photos taken by a professional are usually a must, but if you wanted to go for an even more personal touch, creating a wedding hashtag that your guests can use to tag their photos online might be the way to go. Creating a signpost (or two!) that display the hashtag of your choice, and dotting them around your venue ensures that all of your guests know exactly where to share their pictures of the big day. 

Not only is this a cost-effective option, but it’s also incredibly easy to do. If you’re going for a vintage and rustic wedding, or even a beach wedding, using pieces of wood and a bit of white paint to create your signs will look very effective. However, if you’ve decided on a wintery and somewhat festive theme, use second-hand mirrors to create your signs! Simply spray paint the frame an elegant gold colour, and use a white marker pen to write your hashtag on the glass! 

outdoor wedding ideas

Other Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget:

6) Public Parks or Beaches

Many public outdoor spaces offer affordable or sometimes free venue options. You might need a permit, but it can be significantly cheaper than renting a private venue.

7) DIY Decorations

Create your own decorations using inexpensive materials like paper, fabric, or flowers from a local farmer’s market. Mason jars, candles, and string lights can create a magical ambience without breaking the bank. You can also do DIY wedding table decorations and centrepieces.

8) Minimalist Seating

Instead of renting expensive chairs, consider using hay bales or arranging benches for seating. It adds a rustic touch and reduces costs.

9) Seasonal Flowers

Choose flowers that are in season and locally grown to save on costs. You can also consider using greenery and foliage, which can be more budget-friendly.

10) DIY Music Playlist

Instead of hiring a DJ or band, create your own playlist and designate a friend or family member to manage the music throughout the event.

11) Morning or Afternoon Wedding

Having a brunch or lunchtime wedding can be more budget-friendly than an evening affair. You can serve lighter refreshments and it might require less decoration.

12) Rent or Borrow

Consider renting certain items like tables, chairs, and linens instead of buying them. Also, don’t hesitate to borrow decor items from friends or family.

13) Opt for Off-Peak Days

Weekday or Sunday weddings are often less expensive than Saturday evenings, especially for venues and vendors.

14) DIY Invitations

Design and print your invitations or use digital invites to save money on stationery.

15) Simple Wedding Cake or Dessert Bar

Instead of an elaborate wedding cake, consider a smaller cake for cutting and have a dessert bar with an assortment of sweets.

Remember, the most important thing is celebrating your love with your friends and family. With a bit of creativity and flexibility, you can have a beautiful outdoor wedding without overspending.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget Conclusion

Just because your wedding planning is on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t throw the outdoor wedding of your dreams. With just a couple of money-saving ideas, you’ll be well on your way to getting hitched in style, and in no time at all! Once again, here are our 14 outdoor wedding ideas on a budget:

  1. Make Your Centrepieces Out Of Plants
  2. Create An Outdoor Wedding Lounge
  3. Hang Lots Of Fairy Lights
  4. Consider A Garden Wedding
  5. Create A Wedding Hashtag
  6. Public Parks or Beaches
  7. DIY Decorations
  8. Minimalist Seating
  9. Seasonal Flowers
  10. DIY Music Playlist
  11. Morning or Afternoon Wedding
  12. Rent or Borrow
  13. Opt for Off-Peak Days
  14. DIY Invitations
  15. Simple Wedding Cake or Dessert Bar
outdoor wedding ideas

Eastwood Hall has a lot of experience when it comes to hosting weddings, and the staff here are dedicated to making sure that your big day goes entirely to plan. Situated close to the historical city, Eastwood Hall is also surrounded by acres upon acres of ground, ideal for beautiful photos and reception drinks.

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