How to become a party host that’s legendary

A party is only as good as its host and you want your night to go off with a bang. Hosting a party can be stressful but if you are a great host, the rest of the evening will fall into place. Here are our top tips to becoming a party host that will have everyone wanting to attend their legendary events.

Send invites early with plenty of information

How to become a party host

Let guests know what to expect

Clarify all party details in the invite so guests know what the night will entail. This includes venue, food, drinks, dress code and anything else that might be relevant to them. This way, when guests arrive they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Ask for an RSVP

If you know how many people are coming, you can plan for food, drink and entertainment. Guests won’t thank you if they arrive with an empty stomach and only have half a sandwich to keep them going all night. Ensure you have enough for everyone and if you don’t want to provide alcohol, remember to specify BYOB.

Preparation is key to become a party host

How to become a party host

Prepare the venue

If you will be throwing your party at home, make sure your house is nice and clean before the guests arrive. Decorations, even if only minor, are a nice touch. If you will be hosting at a venue, arrive beforehand to get the space ready for the party. If you have a theme, make sure you make your space look the part to add to the guests’ enjoyment.

Create a good playlist

Music is a crucial part of any party. Create a playlist of upbeat tunes and ensure it’s long enough to last the whole night. If the guest list is smaller, make a collaborative playlist and ask everyone to contribute some of their favourite songs.

How to become a great host during the party

How to become a party host

Make effort with each guest

Ensure you greet each guest as they arrive and thank them for coming. Try and have some time to chat with all your guests throughout the night. It’s always a bit odd when you attend a party and don’t get any time with the host.

Don’t stress

Although it can be easy to get caught up in the planning stage, remember to relax and enjoy the party. Consider having some “plan Bs” for your party just in case anything goes wrong. Ultimately, if things go wrong, keep calm at all times. It will seem worse to guests if they see the host panicking. You’ve done all the planning and preparation so now you can relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve earnt it after all.

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