Indoor team building games for employees

Working as part of a team doesn’t need to be restricted to the office. Taking a set amount of time from the working day to complete indoor event team building games for employees can strengthen the bond between the team and improve professional life, as well as a great way to break the ice. It can also boost morale and help to identify team members strengths and weaknesses. Motivational games for employees encourage creative problem-solving skills which can be transferred to professional life.

Organising a team-building exercise is an investment in the future for your employees which if done correctly, can have a positive impact. Once the activities are over the positive team spirit which was obtained during the activities needs to be carried over to the office. The whole point of team building is to ensure employees connect in a meaningful way and those relationships made are continued into the professional world.

indoor team building activities

Pitching and presentations – team building activities to boost morale

Presenting ideas and pitching is common in the workplace. By coming up with activities to challenge this, you not only encourage teamwork but also ask employees to practise these skills. Being a confident public speaker is a great skill to have and utilise.

Dragons den

This is an ideal task for a larger group of people. Select 4 people to act as the dragons, and split the rest of your employees into teams. Give each team some sheets of paper and pens. They have 30 minutes to prepare a pitch for a brand new product and why they think the dragons should invest. It should also include things like a simple advertising strategy and slogan.

The dragons must agree as a team who was the best pitch. For the pitchers, it promotes creativity, teamwork and fast-paced thinking. The dragons have also got to work together and think about the task logistically to ensure they choose the best candidate. Depending on how much time you have, you could rotate people around so everyone gets a chance to pitch and be a dragon.

Sell off

This task challenges public speaking and the ability to think on the spot. Grab a few random products such as salt, and put everyone into small groups or pairs. Give each group a slip of paper and five minutes to prepare a pitch for the marketing plan of the product, and why everyone else should buy it.

Encourage them to think outside of the box and get creative with this one. Once all the pairs have presented, get the rest of your groups to vote for the most convincing one. Ideally, the more mundane the product the better as it forces team members to get creative.

indoor team building activities

Team building – team building activities for employees

Having a cohesive team that works well today can help any business excel. Employee team building makes all the difference and taking time to ensure employees work well together is always time well invested. Regardless of the hierarchy of your team, giving someone a leadership position in indoor team building activities for employees helps them excel and push themselves. It gives individuals the opportunity to show their skills whilst engaging in something enjoyable.


Minefield is a fun game for building trust and responsibility within a team. One team member is blindfolded and has to walk across a room with various obstacles scattered around. From there, the rest of the team must verbally guide them with only simple words. This includes left, right, forwards and backwards.

The team must ensure the participant travels across the room without touching any of the “mines” and gets to the other side safely. This is an indoor activity that can also be conducted outside it can be varying on levels of difficulty. For added danger, play some dramatic film theme songs whilst your team plays this game.

indoor team building activities

Survival of the fittest

In this game, you will need to split participants up into teams and choose someone to lead each one. Set the scene so that the team know there has been a plane crash which they must survive. Give them a list of items which they might need in the situation such as a rope and matches. Ask them to choose 5 which they think will help them.

The teams must also justify the items they’ve chosen and how they think it will help them survive. Whoever comes up with the most convincing argument as part of a team is the winning team. This task challenges logical thinking, creativity and teamwork as everyone in the group will have to agree on a strategy. This activity is also a great ice breaker before a meeting or conference.

The final word

In any one training session, you can mix and match activities or adapt them to make them suitable for your team. Ideally, you should complete this activity away from the hustle and bustle of the office. Having indoor team building games for employees offsite ensures that there are fewer distractions and employees can let go and focus on the task at hand.

Obviously the office space promotes a mood of professionalism and formality which may limit the creativity of the team. If you want to do a physical activity with a large group, you may need an outdoor space which an office doesn’t have. Once the team building day or afternoon is over, carry on little tasks into your workday. A five-minute challenge at the beginning of a meeting gets everyone thinking and can help retain those team bonds.

indoor team building activities

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