Planning a Team Away Day

Team away days are a chance for your employees to escape the everyday working environment whilst building and developing new relationships within the workplace. Team away days help to improve the dynamic within the workplace by improving morale, communication, productivity and motivation. 

Whilst it is important to get excited about your team away day, you should still be paying attention to the smaller details within the planning process to ensure your company away day is as effective as possible.

The Benefits of a Team Away Day

Whilst team away days help to improve the working environment there are many hidden benefits. Team away days are a fantastic opportunity for you to reward your employees for all their hard work whilst sparking creative thinking and improving professional skills.

  1. Boosts Morale
  2. Improves Communication
  3. Enhances Team Bonding
  4. Rewards Great Results
  5. Encourages Loyalty

What Makes a Great Team Away Day

There are many factors to consider when planning an effective team away day, especially if you are looking to deliver a message. Whether you are looking for a chance to encourage team building, celebrate achievements or boost morale, it’s important to first establish the purpose of your team away day to ensure it’s effective. 

1. Select a Convenient Date

The first step you will want to take when planning your team away day is to set a date that is not only convenient for your employees but works for you. As a team leader, you will be aware of your employee’s schedules and dates that work around business meetings, absences and dates that are guaranteed to be the most productive for your employees. 

A great time to secure the date of your team away day would be after the new year when employees are feeling the most productive and spirits are high. This way you can be sure that your employees will arrive feeling motivated and ready to learn.  

2. Choose your Location

Choosing the location of your team away day will all be dependent on your events goals and agenda. If you are looking to host team-building activities then it’s important to select a venue such as Eastwood Hall that will have to offer a large outdoor space and a range of team-building activities. 

You will want your corporate team away day venue to encourage professionalism and offer the correct facilities for your event. If you are looking to host a conference or meeting then you will want a space that’s inspiring and is fully equipped with modern technology. 

3. Plan out your Goals and Agenda

The key to a successful team away day is to establish its purpose. Going into your team away day with a set agenda and clear goals can help your employees to understand what they are there to achieve. 

If you are looking to enhance the communication levels within your team then you may want to consider hosting a number of team-building activities, yet if you are looking to further your employees within their industry then you will want to consider selecting a venue that provides professional facilities and welcomes keynote speakers.

4. Think Team Building Activities

Team building away days are a great way of gathering your employees together in an informal environment. Team building activities are designed to enhance the relationships of your team whilst encouraging friendly competition. 

Improving the communication within your team is the key to success and opens a number of excellent prospects for your business. Good communication leads to increased job satisfaction, trust and overall a more positive working environment. 

Team-building venues such as Eastwood Hall will help you to plan the agenda of your team away day whilst offering an extensive range of team-building activities tailored around the intent of your corporate event.

5. Consider Overnight Accommodation

If you are looking to host your team away day in a new setting or over a series of days then it makes sense to select a venue that offers accommodation. This is a fantastic chance for your delegates to enjoy a comfortable night’s stay without having to spend the majority of the time travelling leading to them being burnt out before the event has started. 

Venues that offer accommodation for your team away day such as Eastwood Hall will have to offer meeting packages and all of the necessary facilities you need for your event to run smoothly.

Planning your Team Away Day at Eastwood Hall

Whether your team away day is to recognise your team for all their dedication and hard work or to reinforce the values of your business, it’s important to plan your corporate event effectively. Once you have planned your team away day, you can begin to secure the perfect venue to help enhance the performance levels of your employees. 

Whether you are looking to complete your meeting, conference or AGM with an exciting team away day, Eastwood Hall welcomes you offering many fantastic facilities and amenities for you and your team to utilise. With a wide range of interactive team-building activities, meeting room hire, an abundance of outdoor space and comfortable accommodation available, we are the perfect venue for your upcoming corporate away day. 

To ensure your team achieves its full potential we offer a number of engaging team-building activities thanks to our partnership with event company Off Limits. Off Limits are specialists in delivering a wide range of bespoke team-building events providing teams with a fulfilling experience that encourages innovative thinking whilst increasing communication and problem-solving skills.

To find out more about how we can accommodate your team for your upcoming team away day then please get in touch.

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