Simple Team Building Activities to Try Today

Team bonding is an important part of any company or organisation. Without that familiarity and trust, it can be harder for people to speak up and for teams to work together. This can then affect the level of productivity and how engaged employees are.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of fun, simple team building activities that you can go through as the perfect ice breaker for you and the rest of your team. We’ve included a selection of ones that involve moving around and that can be done huddled in a group so that you can pick the type that suits you the best.

Physical and simple team building activities

team building activities

Scavenger hunt

Provided you know your surroundings – or at least the type of surroundings at your event venue – you can set up a scavenger hunt quite easily. Send your employees off in groups to find the items on your list, such as a pen, a feather, a rock and anything else you fancy.

If the items are too large to move – or you aren’t allowed to move them – get photos of the employees with the items instead. You can even give them a final puzzle to solve once they are back that is related to the clues in order to win a prize.

Speed meeting

In this team building activity, half the team sits in a line or in a circle and the other half then sit opposite them. After three minutes, the second group moves along one so that they have a new partner. If there are groups of people who know each other well, try to keep them on the same side, as they will then spend the time speaking to people they don’t really know.

Escape room

While constructing your own escape room is possible, it’s not particularly simple so consider taking teams to an escape room and watch them work together to solve the challenges. Most escape rooms are for between two to six people but be aware that if you max out the capacity, there will be less for each person to do.

External Team Building Company

Why not work with an external team building company to devise a fun team building day for your colleagues? Eastwood Hall have partnered with Off Limits®, an event company specialising in providing an extensive range of team building activities, evening entertainment and bespoke events with a “can do” approach. See what Off Limits and Eastwood Hall could offer you for Team Building.

Mental challenges for easy team building activities

team building activities

Escape from the desert island

There’s not an actual desert island involved in this one (that wouldn’t count as a ‘simple’ activity) but you pretend that the teams have been dropped on an imaginary island and they have to escape. Each person has one item and they have to work together (using each item only once) to find a way to escape. This is a fun team building activity for encouraging some creative thinking.

The Classification Game

In the Classification Game, you explain to the teams the issues with pigeon-holing people and using classifications that could be offensive or basic, and then ask them to find three ways to classify the people in their team in an interesting and non-offensive way. This can be people who love versus hate pineapple on a pizza, people who read a lot or people who go running. These classifications will help you learn a lot more about each other and allow for a deeper conversation.

Create your own simple team building activities

For this challenge, split the group into two or more teams. They then have a time limit of an hour to create their own team-building exercise. The beauty of this team building game is that you will be getting them to work together and break the ice in order to create the challenge and you can even swap the activities with the other teams afterwards to see how well they work.

Which of these fun team building activities do you think would work best with your group or company? Would they be more into physical challenges or mental ones? Book your team building event at our event venue in Nottingham and build those relationships.

Our meeting rooms Nottingham can be hired out on an hourly or daily basis, so you can spend as little or long as you like on your team building activities. Why not create a whole day of it with AGM, team building and evening entertainment with a variety of day delegate rates available and party venue options!

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