11 Best Prom Theme Ideas of 2023

The high school prom, homecoming (or secondary school prom in the UK!) is such a wonderful time but looking for prom theme ideas can be tough. In this article, we will be discussing the very best prom ideas of 2023! 

Proms allow you all to celebrate together the successes of the students, the teachers and the school as a whole. Everyone gets dressed up and you can all say farewell to those years in a fun and dignified way that shows students how much they meant to the school. To help get you started, here are some unique prom theme ideas.

Top 11 Prom Theme Ideas

Prom Theme Ideas

So what are good themes for prom? What are some cool prom decoration ideas? Luckily for you, we have listed our 11 best prom ideas! 

1. Masquerade Prom Theme

A classic but great prom theme idea is a masquerade ball! A masquerade ball is good fun and with everyone out of their school uniforms and into their beautiful prom dresses and smart suits, you may actually have trouble recognising everyone! 

Encourage the students to wear masks and you can even decide on a time when everyone is supposed to unmask themselves! On the dance floor under the balloon decorations and the twinkling lights, you’re bound to have a truly magical evening.

At our party venue, we have hosted a number of masquerade balls and we would definitely say it is one of the most popular prom themes and is fantastic entertainment for prom! 

2. Night Under The Stars Prom Theme Idea

The starry night prom theme idea is a popular fairy tale idea, as you can incorporate fairy lights, string lights and other lighting effects into your prom decorations. You can even include some planets too; on a very clear night, you might get to see those too. 

Make the dress code black and gold to mimic the stars in the night sky, and you’re truly on to a winner. The lighting effects might also be great lighting for some group photos so don’t forget that! You could even rent a photo booth to capture the starry night prom which can also be excellent prom entertainment.

This is one of the best prom ideas and luckily for you, at Eastwood Hall, we can transform our event rooms into a starry night extravaganza! 

3. Glamorous Prom Ideas: Lookout, Hollywood!

What could be a more glamorous party theme idea than Hollywood? Roll out the red carpet and encourage students to sign their names on your very own Walk of Fame.

Give everyone an autograph book that they can get their favourite stars (students and teachers) to sign. You can also add a movie poster or two to add to the prom decorations. Opt for a simple black-and-white dress code to really implement an element of class and sophistication to glamorous party themes.

Hollywood party theme ideas allow people to choose what movie character they want to become for the night! You can even throw your own ‘Oscars’ and hand out awards for ‘class clown’ or ‘cheekiest student’. 

4. Fire and Ice Prom Theme Idea

This has to be one of the most popular prom ideas going. The fire and ice prom theme is a popular one amongst students and teachers alike. 

There are many ways you can go with this prom theme. Assuming you don’t get the students to dress up in only a colour scheme, you could split the room in half so that half is on the fireside and half the ice and decorate accordingly. 

Best not to mess with the temperature though, as this will make for some rather unhappy party guests. You can even have spicy food and frozen desserts to play into this prom theme idea.

5. Enchanted Forest Prom Theme Idea

The enchanted forest prom theme is fantastic, as it can be taken to whatever level your budget allows. You can set up mini houses for photos, as well as having flower and toadstool centrepieces for prom decorations ideas. You could even invite a fairy along to give out prizes during the celebrations which makes for excellent prom entertainment.

If you’re looking for more prom theme ideas on this, then Pinterest has some excellent ideas. 

At Eastwood Hall, we have an abundance of outside space, surrounded by the stunning Nottinghamshire countryside. It is the perfect location to host your enchanted forest prom theme. 

Prom Theme Ideas

6. Under The Sea Prom Theme

This is a classic among our prom theme ideas and that’s because so many people have enjoyed it. Set up an under-the-sea-themed photo booth and decorate with (fake) aquatic life. Blue-green tablecloths and shell centrepieces will help to seal the deal too. Pinterest has lots of prom decoration ideas if you need some more inspiration on this under-the-sea prom theme idea

This explosion of colour will be sure to impress everyone and you can even make tasty snacks based on this. 

7. Harry Potter’s Yuleball Prom Theme

If your peers happen to be big fans of the Harry Potter series, why not use the Yule Ball as your inspiration? You could even include a few pointy hats and (fake) familiars in the prom decorations. 

If you’re not sure how many students are fans, ask them to vote for a theme. With so many prom theme ideas, it’s hard to choose just one!

A Harry Potter theme has been a classic over the past 10 years and we are sure that it won’t die out anytime soon! 

8. Candyland Prom Theme Ideas

Candyland works for decoration and food. Edible centrepieces and some gingerbread houses covered in colourful sweets will be well received. Colourful drinks would also be a good idea for this theme and will look (and taste) fantastic.

Prom decorations ideas can include GIANT lolly sticks, a lot of red and white candy floating about and table centrepieces filled with colourful sweets. 

This prom theme idea will be extremely Instagrammable, which the students will love! You can even get a dedicated photo area so that they can post the shots on their social media once the night is over! 

9. Carnival Prom Theme Idea

Carnivals have long had a history of being fun and out of the ordinary, which is exactly why it’s the perfect prom theme idea. Carnival goers are often all about the party, party, party! Why not take advantage of that and add some elements of the carnival to your prom? 

This is a great one for fun prom decorations and you could even add some performers if the budget will stretch. We recommend trapeze acrobats or silks! 

If you need more inspiration on the prom theme idea, then Pinterest has a tonne of ideas on circus and carnival prom theme ideas

10. Casino Prom Theme

As long as you’re careful, a casino theme can be a lot of fun. Rent some roulette, blackjack and hazard tables (with croupiers) and let the students (and teachers) loose with fake money. You may even find that some of the probability and statistics lessons really paid off! Just make sure you use fun money! 

There are so many places that let you hire casino equipment at an affordable price. 

11. Trip Around The World Prom Theme

Make your theme multicultural with foods from around the world and include different areas with different decor. You could pick major cities and their landmarks (like the Eiffel Tower for more of a Paris theme) or classic items from those countries. 

You could take this as an opportunity to test the geography knowledge of your students and offer a prize to those who can identify the most countries.

This is one of the best prom ideas because it means there is something for everyone, with a wide range of cultural food choices, you can’t go wrong! It also gives students a chance to taste some delicious delicacies from around the world.

prom theme ideas

Prom Theme Ideas Concluded

We hope you have enjoyed this article on school prom theme ideas and choosing a fantastic event theme has now been ticked off your prom planning checklist! These are all of the best prom themes 2023 and we hope you can now go away with a tonne of prom party ideas. 

To recap our very best prom theme ideas are:

  1. Masquerade prom theme
  2. Night under the stars prom theme
  3. Look out, Hollywood!
  4. Fire and ice prom theme
  5. Enchanted forest prom theme
  6. Under the sea prom theme
  7. Harry Potter prom theme
  8. Candyland prom theme
  9. Carnival prom theme
  10. Casino prom theme
  11. Trip around the world prom theme

If you have a memorable moment as a school, for example, the production that the year group put on or perhaps the story or genre that was studied for the end-of-year exams (assuming it was popular with the students) why not go for that? 

While themes are fun, you’ll need to make sure that they fit into your budget and that they are still going to fit in with the ballgowns and eveningwear that the students will be wearing.

What do you think of these ideas for a prom party? Which one of these could suit your school or college? When you’re ready to book your prom night in Nottingham, get in touch with our friendly team to find out about our prom venue in Nottingham today.

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