The Best Corporate Summer Party Ideas

With the summer fast approaching, you may be thinking of ways to reward your team for all their hard work this year. Summer is the perfect season to throw a party and there are many exciting corporate summer party ideas to boost staff morale and team bonding, whilst making the most out of the glorious sunshine and fresh air. 

Corporate summer parties have become a popular addition to businesses as they are a chance for teams to connect in a new setting as a mid-year celebration, or perhaps as their annual team-building activity. If you have been assigned the important role of planning your summer party, then we have plenty of corporate summer party ideas that your team will love.





How do you Plan a Summer Party at Work?

From selecting the best foods, drinks and entertainment, there is so much to consider when planning your upcoming corporate summer party. Planning a corporate summer party takes a lot of dedication and careful thinking whilst making sure to take into account the needs of your guests. Here’s what you’ll need to consider when planning the best corporate summer party for your team.

  1. Food & Drink
  2. Entertainment
  3. Party Venue
  4. Decorations

What is the Best Theme for a Summer Party? 

Choosing the best theme is an important step when it comes to planning a successful corporate summer party. There are endless summer party themes available, from beach themes, sports themes, celebrity themes and so much more. Explore more awesome party themes for adults here.

Take into account the interests of your team and what theme will work the best for your corporate summer party idea. For example, if you are looking to host a golf party for your corporate summer party then encourage guests to dress up in golf attire and decorate with golf decorations.

Corporate Summer Party Ideas

Our corporate summer party ideas are the perfect chance for workers to let loose some steam after a long working week whilst encouraging relationship-building outside the office. Corporate summer parties allow workers to receive some well-deserved vitamin D and fresh air ready to return back to the office feeling rejuvenated and motivated.   

1. Outdoor Summer BBQ


An outdoor summer BBQ is a great corporate summer party idea to gather teams together in a relaxing environment whilst enjoying their favourite foods and drinks. Whether you host your outdoor summer BBQ in a colleague’s back garden, a park or at an event venue such as Eastwood Hall, be sure to make a day out of it. 

After all, nothing says ‘summer’ like alfresco dining! And what better way to socialise with your colleagues than to throw an outdoor summer BBQ? Think outdoor party games, live music or even cooking competitions, you can easily enhance the relationships within your team without having to splash the cash. 

2. Cocktail Party

cocktail party

Throwing a cocktail party is a fantastic corporate summer party that allows employees to use their creativity by showcasing their favourite cocktails. Whether you use this corporate summer party idea as a way to celebrate hard work and achievements or to encourage employees to let their hair down, it’s a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude for all their hard work throughout the year.

3. Office Olympic Party

Eastwood Sports Area

Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? Throwing an olympic party is a great corporate summer party idea that allows teams to make the most of the wonderful weather whilst highlighting any new skills. If your team are sports enthusiasts then this is the ideal corporate summer party idea for you! Choose a suitable venue, equipment, catering and decorations to add extra excitement. 

A great tip to consider when throwing an Olympic party is to set incentives and offer prizes to motivate your team towards winning. This way you can be sure all team members get involved, even those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. 

4. Hollywood Movie Party

Adult Party Theme Ideas

What better way to encourage communication within your team than to throw an outdoor Hollywood movie party? This is a great conversation starter for employees within the workplace as it encourages those with different interests to share and communicate over their favourite Hollywood movies.   

Secure the perfect outdoor party venue, purchase your Hollywood party decorations and encourage your team to arrive as their favourite Hollywood movie star and your corporate summer party is going to be a huge success!

5. Beach Party

corporate summer party

Another fantastic corporate summer party idea is hosting a beach party! Hosting a corporate summer party is the perfect opportunity to visit the beach and make the most of the glorious sunshine. Ask your team to bring their favourite picnic, BBQ or summer party food to make this outdoor party idea as budget-friendly as possible! 

From beach volleyball, sand castle building contests and treasure hunts, there are many ways that you can make the most out of your corporate summer party whilst boosting morale and encouraging staff retention. 

Corporate Summer Party Ideas Concluded

Our list of corporate summer party ideas are fun and light-hearted, helping you to achieve the most out of your employees in a new and unique environment. It’s inevitable that remote working can impact team dynamics, staff morale and mental health, which is why it’s so important to consider a corporate summer party for your upcoming business event. 

Not only do corporate summer parties benefit the working environment but they also encourage employees to enhance their skills contributing to business success in the long run. 

Corporate Summer Party Venue at Eastwood Hall

Eastwood Hall is a corporate event venue based in Nottingham offering an abundance of outdoor space, perfect for corporate summer parties. To start planning your corporate summer party at Eastwood Hall, get in touch today.

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