Planning an Engagement Party 101: Everything You Should Know

Wanting an engagement party is one thing, but planning an engagement party is another thing entirely.

Congratulations! Your significant other has dropped to one knee and declared they want to be with you forever and ever…and ever! In a very legally binding way! How romantic.

The obvious next step? Throwing a killer engagement party. There are lots of things to consider when putting together your perfect engagement party, and it’s often the things that never crossed your mind that make the biggest difference.

So, to guarantee that all of your bases are covered and that every question you have is answered, we’ve put together the ultimate list of planning an engagement party FAQs and planning an engagement party ideas! You’re welcome. Just don’t forget to invite us to the big day, okay?

Planning an Engagement Party FAQs

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Who Traditionally Hosts an Engagement Party?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents are the ones tasked with hosting the engagement party, however, lots of people have chosen to take a less traditional route in more recent years. For many couples, it’s the perfect chance to let your love story take centre stage and show it off for all the world to see, so many choose to throw the celebrations themselves. It’s also a great opportunity to show off any event planning skills you might already have.

Throwing an engagement party is the perfect time to invite the whole family to one exciting event and celebrate together. If your guest list is starting to look a little bit longer than you originally expected, we suggest looking for a larger event space to really cater to your needs. Eastwood Hall is an absolutely stunning location with lots of experience when it comes to wedding parties, and has beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to host the engagement party of your dreams.

Learn how to become a party host that’s legendary here.

When Should You Throw an Engagement Party?

We recommend throwing your engagement party as close to your original engagement date as possible. Let’s say, for example, within three months of the initial proposal. This should mean that, in theory, your engagement party will still be very exciting and full of lively energy. It should also be a long way away from your actual wedding day, so you’ll still have lots of time to soak in all of the joy of being an official fianceé.

So, send out the engagement party invitations well in advance! If you’re planning on sending paper invitations, choosing invitations that correlate to the style of wedding invitation you might want to send is a very nice touch.

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Where Should My Engagement Party Take Place?

This is entirely dependent on your guest list, and what kind of space you need to be able to throw your party comfortably. On top of this, a venue can make or break any party. You’ve got to make sure that the venue you choose fits your desired theme, otherwise, the atmosphere you aspire to create won’t be easy to achieve.

Choosing a venue to match the overall wedding theme you had in mind is always a great way to go, and is super effective if you want to throw a formal party or a formal event.

Lots of couples choose to throw their party at their own home, which is perfect for a smaller soireé of just your closest family and friends. This is also ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere, which encourages lots of conversation and laughter.

What Is Traditional Engagement Gift Etiquette?

When it comes to modern engagement parties, you should expect your guests to bring you gifts. However, these gifts will usually be smaller and a lot more sentimental. Unlike wedding gifts, these are often gifts that simply serve as little tokens of gratitude for inviting them to your party, or presents that could potentially have some level of use when it comes to the actual wedding day. However, a bottle of something fancy and/or bubbly will definitely not be sniffed at.

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Is Throwing an Engagement Party Mandatory?

Throwing an engagement party is certainly not mandatory. It’s important to remember throughout the entire wedding/engagement party planning process that just because something is “traditional” for other couples to do, it doesn’t mean that you have to do them if it doesn’t feel authentic. Only throw an engagement party if it’s important to you, not because it’s in any way “expected”.

If you don’t want to throw a huge party for 500 of your nearest and dearest friends, but would still like to celebrate with a few special family members, it’s completely understandable. At Eastwood Hall, we offer fantastic private dining options, meaning you and your guests are guaranteed to be treated like the VIPs you are. This the perfect option for the couple who want to have an engagement party, without all of the fanfare.

Why Should I Throw an Engagement Party?

Throwing an engagement party is the perfect opportunity for you to flaunt your love to the world. Take this time to show off a little bit; you’ve found your perfect person, so why shouldn’t you! And besides: any excuse for a party, right?

It’s also a great chance to let your hair down and really celebrate your upcoming nuptials before the stress of actually planning your wedding day kicks in. Wedding planning, bridal showers, potential destination weddings: it’s a lot to think about for any bride and groom!

Now, your biggest questions should all be answered. You know the “whys”, the “hows”, the “wheres” and the “whos”. But if you’re still struggling with the “whats”, don’t panic!

We’ve got you covered. Here are the best engagement party themes and ideas for adults, ready for you to pick and choose from.

The 3 Best Engagement Party Themes and Ideas

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1) DIY Cocktail Engagement Party

Who doesn’t love a classy cocktail or two? Or maybe even three…! Making your own cocktails is a fun and exciting way to put a classy spin on a stereotypical engagement party, and allows you to personalise your evening to perfectly suit you and your guests. Dress it up or dress it down, just dress it however you like!

If you have a larger guest list, specially choosing 3-5 set cocktails to serve throughout the night will be plenty to keep your guests hydrated. However, depending on how many people you want to invite to your engagement party, you can task each guest with creating and being in charge of one cocktail that they have to bring to the party. That way, everyone gets a say in what they’re drinking, and it creates an incredibly close atmosphere.

2) Relationship Adventure Party

We’ve said it time and time again: there’s no better time to show off how much you love your significant other than at your engagement party! Well, there’s also your wedding… but that’s beside the point! But choosing your relationship to be the theme of your engagement party makes it all the more romantic.

Every relationship is an adventure, so ‘mapping’ out the route of your relationship with photos of the two of you travelling the world together, or simply decorating your party with photos that tell the story of your relationship is the best way to make all of your guests feel like they’re really a part of your narrative.

3) Ice Cream Social Theme

You never need an excuse to eat what cowards might call a somewhat excessive amount of ice cream, but if you were looking for one, it’s safe to say you’ve found it! You’ve met the person of your dreams, and there’s no better way to shout it from the rooftops than with a tasty frozen treat!

You could always hire an ice cream professional to whip something up for your party or take the DIY approach to set up your own ice cream bar of culinary delights. If you wanted to make your whole engagement party theme based around ice cream, or if you wanted to incorporate ice cream into another theme altogether, there are plenty of options when it comes to this chilly theme.

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Planning an Engagement Party Conclusion

When it comes to planning an engagement party, there are lots of different things to consider. From the guest list to the location, you have a lot of decisions to make. However, with our list of ideas, themes and answered questions, we hope we’ve made the process just a little bit easier for you to manage.

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your engagement party, then look no further than Eastwood Hall! This stunning event venue based in Nottingham is perfect for hosting the party of your dream, no matter what you’re celebrating. If you want to keep the party going all night long, we also have fantastic accommodation options available for your party guests.

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