How to Postpone a Wedding | 4 Steps to Take

The likely chances are you have been looking forward to this day for a long time and it can be so frustrating to have to postpone it. However, do remember that you will still be able to have your big day and celebrate as planned, it will just be in the future.

Although it can be difficult deciding to postpone, we would recommend trying to focus on the future as much as possible and try not to dwell on things. Consider your mental health during this challenging period and find ways you can feel good and get excited about your future wedding.

4 Steps to take to Postpone a Wedding

1. Speak to your Venues and Suppliers

If you have made the difficult decision to change your wedding date, the first step is to speak to any wedding venues and vendors you had plans with. As other couples will be going through the same circumstance, most people will be understanding. However, it can obviously be hard and frustrating for everyone, particularly small businesses. Make sure to check any vendor contracts before reaching out so you understand their policies.

Don’t feel pressured to do it all at once. Write a checklist of all the vendors you need to contact and consider splitting them up so it isn’t overwhelming.

Speak to your partner and see if you can share the load with them so you can get the job done efficiently. This can be a stressful process, so make sure you take breaks and plan time to relax and unwind. Keep a spreadsheet with the vendors you’ve contacted and any additional information you’ll need to remember.

2. How to Postpone a Wedding Wording

Once you know the wedding is being delayed, prepare for your wedding postponement announcement and let the wedding guest list know as soon as possible. This means everyone is on the same page and will probably be a weight off your shoulders as well. Email is most likely the quickest way to do so, although consider a phone call for close friends and family. 

You want guests to know directly so avoid a general social media announcement. Remember that although your guests will be disappointed they can’t see you enjoy your special day, their main focus is your happiness and they’ll be looking forward to your wedding in the future.

Here are some examples of messages for wedding postponement cards:

“Dear Friends. It’s with sadness that we’d like to let you know that due to the current situation we will be postponing our wedding on (original wedding date). With everything going on in the world we feel that we’d like to wait and celebrate at a better time. If you have any questions please contact us on (number.) We’d love you to be able to join us when we decide on a new date. Stay safe everyone. Love (names)”

“Hi everyone. Unfortunately, we need to let everyone know that our wedding on (date) will be postponed to a new day. The safety of our guests is of absolute importance to us, and we are looking forward to celebrating with everyone at a time when we can do so safely. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call on (number.) We hope everyone is safe and well during this challenging time. Love from (names.)”

If you have an idea for when you’d like to move your wedding, such as the following summer, include these thoughts in the message so guests are prepared. Add contact details to ensure any questions can be quickly answered.

3. Connect with Loved Ones

Zoom is a great tool which you can use to keep up with friends and family when you can’t physically see them. Why not schedule in a pub quiz to keep everyone’s spirits up? If you had to cancel your hen party or stag do, there are loads of virtual party games which you can do over a video call. Don’t miss out on social occasions just because you can’t physically see them.

The wonders of modern technology allow everyone to stay connected online. There are many wedding websites that allow you to schedule a virtual wedding party and send a wedding invitation to your nearest and dearest and invite them for some drinks and laughs. Although it may be a sad day, try to think positive and enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

4. Look to the Future

The whole process on how to postpone a wedding can be daunting and exhausting. Regularly check in with yourself and your partner to see how you’re both doing. Don’t try to do too much at once.

Consider having some sort of schedule for tasks you will complete with breaks in between. Recognise ways you can make yourself feel good, whether that’s a night in as a couple, chatting to a friend on the phone or engaging in your hobby.

Remember that you haven’t cancelled your wedding, it’s simply being postponed. If you feel down, try to channel that energy into the future wedding and make it even more special than the one you’d planned. With the extra free time spent indoors, you could start working on provisions for the future. Many couples are saving money because we cannot go out, so consider adding this to the wedding budget. 

Many couples are saving money because we cannot go out, so consider adding this to the wedding budget. Being creative is a great outlet, so why not make a scrapbook or wedding planner, which you could work on with your partner. Equally, if you aren’t ready to think about it, don’t feel pressured. Consider finding something else to put your time into, such as a new hobby or project. Listen to your feelings and work through them with friends and family. It’s important we all support each other during this challenging time.

4 Steps to Take When Postponing a Wedding

  1. Speak to your venues and suppliers
  2. How to postpone a wedding wording
  3. Connect with loved ones
  4. Look to the future

How to postpone a wedding conclusion

This situation can be really heartbreaking when you had your wedding planned, but we hope that this blog has made you feel more at ease. Take the process of postponement or cancellation at your own pace and work with your partner to find what works best for your situation. Remember that friends and family will most likely be more than happy to help you if needed, and you have your special day to look forward to in the future.

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