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What Are The Key Benefits Of A Virtual Office?

Flexible working hours and working remotely have become increasingly popular in recent years, and over time the advantages of a virtual office have become clear. Having a virtual address not only bene...


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How to increase productivity in the workplace

How to increase productivity in the workplace is an age-old question which has been pondered throughout industries all over the world. No matter how good your company is, if you don't have a good work...


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Extra Support Through Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Introducing our stay safe, feel safe COVID secure charter 26/5/20 Our venue continues to remain temporarily closed. In anticipation for when we reopen, we have created a 6-step charter to help you...


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How to host a meeting to make it successful

Meetings are fantastic for exchanging ideas and getting work done, as they enable better communication by being face to face, rather than through a technological barrier. If meetings are not run effic...


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Top tips for choosing a conference venue

Your venue can make or break your conference so you have to choose your space wisely. If your venue is not fit for purpose, you may find that people are not able to focus, they may not be in a proper ...


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New Artwork

As part of the ongoing refurbishment of our meetings and events rooms, we want to give you a little update. Our meeting room in the original house has been repainted completely, with new flooring and ...


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How to choose a conference venue

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when booking a conference venue, from the amount of space and features to the size of your budget. Read our top tips for what you should ...


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Why meetings go wrong (and how to avoid it)

We’ve all been there. Boring meetings, stuffy room, brain wandering to all the things you could be getting done right now. A massive waste of time and a kick to employees' morale. Here are all the r...


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Choosing a conference venue – what you need to know

Disorganized, poor food, not enough food, missing chairs, missing rooms… the wrong conference venue will distract your guests from the event they came to attend and stand out in their minds with a s...


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