Choosing a Conference Venue – What You Need to Know

Disorganized, poor food, not enough food, missing chairs, missing rooms… the wrong conference venue will distract your guests from the event they came to attend and stand out in their minds with a strong negative association. Select the right venue and most of your conference guests will barely remember it as they’ll be entirely focused on the sessions they attended, the people they spoke to, and the panels they sat on, which is exactly as it should be. There are many factors that you should take into consideration when booking a conference venue, from the amount of space and features to the size of your budget. Read our top tips for what you should factor in for your conference venue search.

Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Venue


Your budget is something that you need to keep in mind when you are finding a venue for your conference. Remember to check what is included in any quotes you get, whether that includes refreshments, accommodation, technology and any other perks, as well as the venue hire. While occasionally you can stretch a budget, it is important to stay on target to avoid having to make difficult decisions later.


You don’t want your speaker’s voice to be lost in a cavernous room but you also have to make sure that you have enough room for all of your delegates. Our venue can fit from 10 up to 400 people theatre-style so there will be plenty of room for your delegates. If you would like a different arrangement, we can also offer the following layouts: banquet, boardroom, cabaret, classroom, dinner dance and U-shape – though these will vary for how many people they can fit.


People will need to be able to reach your venue easily, whether that means having a nearby venue to your normal place of operations or choosing somewhere with excellent travel connections so that your attendees can reach the venue from different locations. Consider where your attendees will be based and how long they will be likely to need to travel, as this may affect the levels of attendance.

Accessibility and features

It is important to consider what you will need for your event. If you would like projectors, smart boards, televisions, flipcharts, or sound systems, you will need to make sure that your chosen venue can provide this or that you will be able to bring/rent your own for use at the venue. You should also check that the location is accessible for those with limited mobility, as this could cause issues during the day if it is not easy for everyone to gain access to the conference.


At the end of a long day at a conference (or even a short day at a conference), nothing feels better than relaxing in a comfy bed and getting a good night’s rest. If your conference will stretch over more than one day, you may need to find accommodation for all the attendees for a few days, possibly for the night before the conference starts as well, just to make sure that they are refreshed. So if you searching for a conference venue with accommodation nearby, you’ve come to the right place.


It’s important to recharge your delegate’s batteries with high-quality, delicious food. This means that you need to pick a venue that can be flexible enough to meet the demands that your conference will require. When booking or researching a conference venue, ask them about their catering packages and see if they can provide refreshments for breaks, as well as larger meals for later on in the day.

Choosing the Right Conference Venue FAQs

To help make sure you choose the right conference venue, here are questions we make sure we answer for every guest.

Do you have space for my conference?

The right conference venue will have more than just the capacity to hold all your guests without breaking fire safety regulations. Your guests will need space to move around, including on coffee and lunch breaks, facilities such as toilets and car parking, and more. You may need rooms for your guests to stay on-site (Eastwood Hall has 152 bedrooms), the ability to run multiple sessions simultaneously (we have 36 event spaces), seminar rooms or lecture theatres, or both (our smallest room seats eight, our largest hall holds 400 people).

What facilities do you have for overnight guests?

As well as comfortable bedrooms, overnight guests will expect meals to be available on-site or nearby so it’s important to know if that’s possible even if you’re not providing it as part of the conference. If guests are staying for several nights, then leisure facilities become more important than at a one-day event. At Eastwood Hall, for example, many visitors use our gym, pool, and extensive grounds to continue their exercise regime, whether that’s swimming a few lengths or a long country run.

What food and drink can you offer?

From a quick breakfast through to a full-on banquet, a good conference venue will be able to offer appropriate catering options for any occasion. At Eastwood Hall, our catering team is accustomed to planning three meals and at least 2 coffee breaks per day for most of our multiple-day events, as this format allows our guests to refresh and recharge between sessions, ensuring that they get the most out of their event. Catering to special requests and dietary requirements is also an essential part of our meal planning. When you’re selecting your venue, make sure you understand if dietary information needs to be provided in advance, as it helps avoid disappointment on the day.

How to select the perfect conference venue – What’s included?

From WiFi to access to the grounds, some venues will try to charge extra for every single thing. As you discuss the various options with a venue you’re considering, be sure to check if what you consider standard items are included in their event package. At Eastwood Hall, we aim to make our packages clear and easy to understand, with all standard items included in a simple price. We can also offer a detailed breakdown on request, so whether you want an all-in-one price or to pick your options, call us today and we can help.

If you need more advice for planning a conference, get in touch with our events team today on 01773 532 532, who will be happy to help. 

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