Top tips for picking a conference venue


Your venue can make or break your conference so you have to choose your space wisely. Here are our top tips for picking a conference venue.

Consider your location

It can be nice to get away for a day or two but if you’re targeting people from a specific location for your conference, you will need to make sure that your conference is central to that location. On top of this, you ought to make sure that it is easy to get to, with easy links from local rail and road routes. Test the journey from a city centre and visit the venue, which also give you the chance to find out more about the venue.

Check out their facilities

Conferences often require presentation facilities so it’s important to check out what audio-visual equipment is on offer. In addition to this, you should see what level of accessibility the venue has – including lifts, ramps and hearing induction loops – as well as the heating, air-conditioning and lighting systems, and the room layouts and sizes available.

Review their catering

If possible, you can ask to sample some of their dishes that you would be having for a sit-down meal. If this isn’t possible, you could try eating in their restaurant (if they have one) to gauge the level of quality of their food. This isn’t quite as vital if you will only be requiring light refreshments.

Look into their accommodation

Many conferences will run over more than one day and most are all-day events. This will mean that some of your delegates will need somewhere to stay overnight, to avoid a long trip home at the end of the day. Comfortable rooms with great facilities are a must to make sure your delegates have somewhere nice to rest their heads after a long, busy day at the conference.

Vet their staff

You don’t need to go through background checks but it’s a good idea to look into reviews and recommendations from other people before you decide on a conference venue. Having a conference in a venue where the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and organised will make your event go a lot better on the day, not to mention during the planning phase.


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