Pros and Cons of Online Conferences

In the age of technology, so many things can be done online. From shopping to booking doctors appointments, most companies are deemed different if they haven’t got their services in some sort of online form. Conferences are no different. With the innovation of apps like Skype, it means it’s easier than ever to have these forms of meetings sat in your own office. But, which way is more rewarding? Online conferences have a range of pros and cons which we will discuss in this blog.

Save’s budget

Possibly one of the most obvious is that hosting a meeting online saves money. From the venue to catering, travel expenses and accommodation, conferences can end up costing a lot for both hosts and delegates. Having it online is virtually free, bar a few possible minor expenses, so in theory, can happen more often.


A physical conference requires a lot of planning. As well as everything needed for the day, the host and delegates will need to plan the conference and travel into their week. This may involve putting things on hold and planning around the day. An online conference held in your own office can be slotted easily into your workday.

Sharing screens/documents

Any documents that are relevant to the conference can easily be exchanged online. A recording of what’s said can even be made so guests can catch up or refresh their memories later. This saves on having handouts at a physical conference which can be a push on resources.

Guest flexibility

It’s far more likely that guests are going to be able to attend an online meeting. No matter where they are in the world, they should be able to log on. This also means you don’t have to worry about booking a venue that will suit everyone.

Communication issues

Technology has come a long way but that doesn’t mean computer and internet issues still don’t occur. It only takes a crucial person in the conference to drop out for everyone to get disrupted. If your computer has an issue, you may miss a crucial part of the conference.

Discussion not as natural

Speaking over the phone or skype is never as natural as doing so face to face. Physically being in the same room promotes more conversation and an easier flow of discussion. This is crucial for a conference and can make or break its success. If you’re looking for flexible conference spaces in Nottingham, look no further than Eastwood Hall. We provide excellent facilities for your next conference, surrounded by 26 acres of picturesque landscaped grounds and close to all main transport links with ample car parking space. Don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information.

Security risk

With online meetings and conferences, there’s a risk you to security. You may end up getting hacked and business information gets leaked or misused. There’s far less chance of this kind of security risk in person.

Less motivation

The physical act of preparing and going to a conference is quite exciting. You get to network, socialise and visit a new place. Having the online equivalent can be less so and therefore delegates are less motivated.

Final word

With both options being viable, it really depends on the circumstance the format you choose for your conference. Both can be utilised to your advantage. If you decide against an online meeting, we provide luxury conference venues in Nottingham.

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