Common Mistakes of a Christmas Party

If you have the honour of planning your office Christmas party, you need to make sure it goes off with a bang. With a lot to do, it can be easy to get caught up in everything. Make sure you and your colleagues have a night to remember with these tips.

Don’t go in without a budget

Before you can plan anything, you need to know your budget. If it’s a cooperate party you’ll get your funds from within the company so make sure it’s accurate before making any purchases. Keep a record of all costs using a spreadsheet, as reference to both yourself and the business.

Don’t leave it too late

In theory, the earlier you can start planning the better. This means you’ll get the first pick of caterers, venues and entertainers. Don’t forget how many other work Christmas do’s will be happening, and often these are planned months in advance. You don’t want to start planning and end up scraping the barrel. As soon as you have a headcount, start getting organised. If you’re still looking for the perfect venue for your Christmas party, look no further than Eastwood Hall. We are a flexible event venue in Nottingham with 36 modern and stylish spaces, which are ideal for hosting parties. We can accommodate large and small events, with room in our event suites for eight to 400 guests.

Don’t discriminate

Chances are your co-workers are varied in age and interests. Make sure you include things that everyone will enjoy, rather than just your demographic. If there are older people there, a Christmas outing to a go-kart rally might not be the best idea. Ensure everyone can get into the Christmas spirit by doing something that caters to everyone.

Don’t skimp on food

Christmas is all about overindulging. It’s the time of year where people love to let go and enjoy themselves. Always ensure there’s a range of tasty food on offer throughout the night, be it a sit-down meal or a lavish buffet. Always check people’s dietary requirements so there can be vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free food if necessary, you don’t want any guests going hungry.

Beware of an open bar

Of course, you want people to enjoy themselves, but an open bar can be dangerous. After all, this is a work Christmas party, and encouraging people to drink too much can end in disaster. Consider having a free drink token or something that won’t end in overindulgence. This can save on embarrassment and sore heads in the morning.

Not provide entertainment

Every party needs some form of entertainment. In between food, chatting and dancing, having something else for guests to enjoy makes for a great night. A magician, band and dancers are all enjoyable and something for people to watch. Having things for guests to do like a photo booth and tie-dying makes the night go off with a bang, and means they have a souvenir to take home.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

You’ve planned a fantastic event. Now all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

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