8 Simple Christmas Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Looking for Christmas wedding centrepiece ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Christmas weddings are what dreams are made of! Crisp whites, deep reds and forestry greens. And the showstopper is, of course, the Christmas wedding centrepiece. If you are planning a winter wedding, then there are lots of beautiful table decorations you can opt for, depending on your colour scheme and theme.

In this blog, we outline our top 8 Christmas wedding centrepiece ideas that everyone will love.

At Eastwood Hall, we love a Christmas wedding! We have seen so many different styles over the years and today we have handpicked the very best winter wedding table decorations we have seen at our venue. Our suites can be transformed into a winter wonderland for you and your guests, and our beautiful hotel makes for a lovely winter backdrop for your photographs.

We want to move away from classical floral centrepieces (as stunning as they are) and add some wintery sophistication to them. We’re thinking crystals, rustic style, pinecones and cranberries! If you are after a more laid back and informal affair, then lanterns are cosy and go with the winter theme extremely well.

Christmas Wedding Centrepieces

It’s time to get inspired! We have split this blog up into three different sections, each displaying a range of unique and wonderful christmas wedding table decorations. First and foremost, we will discuss the most traditional type of wedding centrepieces, which is floral statements. Secondly, we’ll show you rustic wedding centrepieces that are fantastic to match any Christmas theme and finally, candle wedding centrepieces.

Floral Christmas Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Mini Christmas Tree

Of course, what’s a Christmas wedding without a Christmas tree? A fantastic idea that we have seen at our wedding venue is a miniature Christmas tree used as the table centrepiece. You can dress this up with white frosted tips and incorporate white and red roses into the tree to make it a truly stunning Christmas wedding table decoration.

Perfect if you are after a traditional wedding, this look is elegant, and sophisticated and can bring your winter wedding to life. Ideal if deep red is part of your colour scheme, but you can, of course, tailor the look to your style.

You can see Christmas tree wedding centrepiece ideas on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Snow Covered Succulents

Succulents are becoming a popular choice of table centrepieces due to their longevity and low maintenance. They are affordable and also look stunning when properly arranged. You can also buy succulents in an array of colours that will fit any colour scheme.

However, our favourite to fit the holiday season is of course, shades of green. Etsy sell beautiful and timeless snow-covered succulents that would work amazingly as your Christmas wedding centrepiece.

The items are handmade and the excellent quality florals have been sprayed to make them look frosted. This is an ideal winter wedding centrepiece if you are working with a tight budget as the cost is minimal compared to going to a traditional florist.

Poinsettia Wedding Centrepieces

The Poinsettia plant just scream Christmas! Being one of the most traditional Christmas plants you can have, the beautiful deep reds make for a truly Christmassy event. Flowering in December, Poinsettias are the ultimate Christmas wedding decorations and they are easy to care for.

Although the traditional Poinsettia comes in a lovely deep red, you can also get them blooming a lovely white flower that will go wonderfully with a Christmas wedding. If you want to get creative, then you can get a Poinsettia arrangement made with foliage included (we’re thinking pine cones and Holly). This will make for a lovely winter wedding centrepiece.

You can view more Poinsettia centrepiece ideas on Pinterest.

Rustic Wedding Centrepieces For Christmas


Pinecones are a classic winter wedding decoration and will transform any wedding centrepiece into a winter extravaganza. You can keep it simple with a bowl of pinecones places in the centre of a Christmas wreath, or you can go all out with a truly stunning floral arrangement, using pinecones and other foliage as decoration.

To give off a real wintery feel, you should get frosted pinecones so that it looks like snow. Another awesome and rustic idea for pinecones is to fill a large glass up with pinecones and dried winter fruits such as berries and oranges and place it on a wooden slate. You can even add in the odd bauble to make it extra Christmassy. Pinecones are also great for name holders too!

You can view more pinecone wedding ideas on Pinterest.

Rustic Wood Tree Slice

Wooden tree slices are a great base to use for your wedding centrepiece if you are after a rustic feel. They are easily placed on the reception table and are a great idea. You can buy natural wooden tree slices from Etsy at an affordable price and this will ensure that your wedding is as Christmassy as can be.

A great Christmas wedding centrepiece idea, the wooden tree slice can be turned into something beautiful. Lanterns and candles make for lovely accessories to place on top, as well as any flower arrangement. You can also use the tree slice as a stand for your wedding cake! This goes perfectly with a naked wedding cake and gives off a wonderful rustic mood.

Mason Jars

Still looking for wedding inspiration or centrepiece ideas? A nicely decorated mason jar is perfect for any wedding centrepiece. White lace and string are ideal. You should think about purchasing a number of different sizes and incorporating them together for a winter wedding centrepiece.

You can fill the mason jars with anything you like, but we think candles or flower arrangements work best. When you combine all three of these rustic wedding centrepiece ideas (pinecones, wooden slices and mason jars), you get a wonderful Christmas wedding that all your guests will love.

You can view more mason jar wedding ideas on Pinterest.

Candle Wedding Centrepieces For Christmas


Candelabras will always make for a beautiful tall centrepiece. They are perfect candle holders and can be bought in an array of colours. But if it is a Christmas theme you are going for, we suggest silver works best.

Candelabras work best by adding a lovely floral arrangement into the middle. Green and white wedding flowers work best for this. Having the candles lit over dinner also creates a cosy and romantic environment which is perfect if you are after an intimate wedding.

You can view some beautiful candelabra wedding centrepieces on Pinterest.


What celebrates Christmas better than a lantern? So it makes sense to use a lantern as part of your wedding decor. You can find so many inexpensive and affordable lanterns online that it is guaranteed you will find a style that is best suited to your winter wedding and colour scheme. This is one of our favourite Christmas wedding centrepiece ideas.

You can even buy a range of different sizes and place each on a wood slice. Make sure you place a candle inside and them lit for the dinner so you create a romantic ambience. To make this centrepiece really Christmassy, you can place a wreath around the lantern that is decorated in pinecones, holly and fake snow.

If you want to opt for something different, instead of having lanterns as the main centrepiece, having them hanging down from the ceiling above the table.

You can view more lantern centrepieces on Pinterest.

Christmas Wedding Centrepiece Ideas Recap

So, there you have it. Our top 8 Christmas wedding centrepiece ideas. We hope that you have some creative and inspiring ideas to take away from this and have found our tips useful.

We split the blog up into 3 different sections; floral wedding centrepieces, rustic wedding centrepieces and candle wedding centrepieces. Each section is Christmassy in its own way and all the ideas have been tailored to a winter wedding.

You can mix and match these items and end up with a show-stopping Christmas wedding centrepiece that your guests will love.

If you are planning a winter wedding in Nottingham, check out our fantastic wedding venue. Offering experts and all inclusive wedding packages that are affordable and allow you to put your unique stamp on your big day.

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