10 Of The Best Birthday Ideas At Home

Birthdays are special. It’s a time to gather family and friends together to celebrate hitting another milestone. Whether you choose a unique party venue, venture out for a night on the town, or indulge in a luxurious spa retreat, the options for celebrating are endless.

However, if you prefer a more relaxed and budget-friendly birthday celebration, we have compiled a list of our top 10 fantastic ideas that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Now is the perfect moment to unleash your creativity and commence the planning process for a truly unforgettable day.

At Home Birthday Ideas

Perhaps you are looking for ideas for children’s birthday celebrations to be held at home, or maybe you are approaching your 40s and searching for affordable and cost-effective adult birthday party ideas that can be organised within the confines of your own house. Regardless of your preference, our curated list offers a blend of kid-friendly and family-oriented ideas, complemented by exceptional decorations and party themes that are perfectly suited for in-home festivities.

We’ve split this blog into two sections;

  • Virtual birthday party ideas so friends far and wide can join in
  • Birthday party at home, for those living close by to celebrate with you

Virtual birthday party ideas are if you, unfortunately, cannot be with a loved one to celebrate their special day. To ensure that you can still cherish the occasion, we’ve put together beautiful ways that allow you to make the most out of the celebration, including heartfelt ideas that can be sent in the post, still full of love. 

Hosting a birthday party at home is a fantastic thing to do if you are currently living with someone who has an upcoming birthday and looking to plan a special day or evening. Now, let’s dive into our selection of 10 birthday celebration ideas at home and get the festivities underway.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Thanks to the abundance of user-friendly online platforms, organising the ultimate virtual party of the year has become entirely achievable. And the best part? Virtual parties are low-cost, budget-friendly and remarkably simple to host – Say goodbye to the dreaded post-party clean-up! Without further ado, here is our selection of virtual birthday ideas to enjoy in the comfort of your own home:

Host a Netflix Party

For all the movie buffs out there, why not plan a delightful movie night with your friends? With Netflix’s vast selection of films, ranging in the hundreds, you’re guaranteed to discover a movie that will please everyone. Nowadays, almost everyone has a Netflix account or can easily access one. However, if you don’t have a subscription, you can take advantage of their free trial offer and sign up for an account.

Here’s an excellent at-home birthday celebration idea that allows you to enjoy a synchronised movie experience: simply download the Netflix Party Google Chrome extension. By using this extension, you and your friends can seamlessly synchronise your screens, ensuring that everyone is watching the exact same content simultaneously, without any delays. When one person hits pause, it will automatically pause for everyone else as well.

Furthermore, the extension includes a group chat feature, enabling all viewers to discuss the movie in real-time. The best part is that this additional functionality comes at no cost whatsoever.

On top of that, you can still host a movie night for a birthday celebration at home, without having to be separated!

See more Netflix birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Create a heartwarming ‘Happy Birthday’ video montage

Here’s a fun and thoughtful approach to wish someone a happy birthday. Think of it as an interactive birthday card! Gather your loved ones and request them to record their special birthday messages and send them to you.

Once you have received the heartfelt messages, you can utilise a video montage platform like Tribute to effortlessly compile a collaborative video montage. Then, on the birthday person’s special day, you can share the montage with them, offering a cherished keepsake that will hold a special place in their heart.

This fantastic DIY birthday concept is not only remarkable and considerate but also serves as the ideal gift to send to someone during times of self-isolation. To make it even more extraordinary, Tribute provides a video card option where they will deliver a 4″ or 7″ LCD card directly to the birthday person. This interactive card allows them to play the heartfelt video anywhere, adding an extra touch of sentiment to their special day.

Virtual Karaoke Party

Hosting a virtual karaoke party can be a fun and entertaining way to connect with friends and enjoy some singing together whilst having a good laugh!

Select a platform that supports video calls and screen sharing. Popular options include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Skype.

Consider adding a theme to the karaoke party, such as “80s Hits,” “Disney Songs,” or “Guilty Pleasures.” Encourage guests to dress up or use virtual backgrounds related to the theme for added excitement.

Record the karaoke performances and share the highlights with everyone after the event. This allows everyone to relive the fun moments and enjoy the fun memories created during the virtual karaoke party.

Remember, the most important aspect of a virtual karaoke party is to have fun and create a sense of togetherness, even when physically apart. Sing your heart out, support each other, and enjoy the shared experience of music and celebration!

Video Game Party

Video game parties offer a fantastic opportunity for everyone to don their headsets and immerse themselves in the virtual gaming realm. Regardless of your preferred game, schedule an evening with your friends where you can all play together simultaneously.

This home-based birthday idea is perfect for both adults and kids. The key to success lies in your passion for gaming! If you’re an adult, then crack open some beers, get cosy, and spend the night with your buddies in a virtual world. To make it even more special, consider ordering pizza or your favourite takeout and enjoy some laughter with your online friends.


See more video game birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Birthday Party at Home

OK, so we’ve given our very best virtual birthday ideas, but what about if your housemates or a family member has a birthday coming up that you currently live with? This section is for exactly that!

Host a Paint Party

Looking for a more imaginative and enjoyable evening filled with creative messy fun? How about hosting a painting party? Invite a small group of friends and ask them to bring a bottle of their choice. It’s no secret that creativity flows while sipping wine amongst friends and potentially igniting the eccentric artist within you! All you need to do is set up a table with essential art supplies such as paintbrushes, blank canvases, acrylic paints, and some tissue or newspaper, along with water pots scattered around. To keep the event budget-friendly, you can find online art supplies offers at Hobbycraft. This gathering is a fantastic excuse to come together, immerse yourselves in artistic endeavours, and discover the funky artwork that the night may bring!

Board Game Night

Board games are universally adored! Regardless of the game you choose, whether it’s a timeless classic like Monopoly or a hilarious modern gem like Cards Against Humanity, there’s something everyone will love. Arrange a night where you and your household can get together and play some games for the evening.

Prepare tasty snacks, order a takeaway, and uncork some bottles of wine to ensure a great time. For added amusement, consider selecting interactive games that can bring laughter and entertainment, especially after a few drinks. So gather your housemates, set the stage for laughter, and let the games begin!

Games like Twister are always hilarious and make for some great photos to look back on next year. Whatever your interest, board game nights in will save you money and are a great way for a group of you to get together for someone’s birthday celebrations.


View more board game birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

DIY Spa Day

Indulge yourself with a luxury pamper night. This is the perfect at-home birthday idea if relaxation is your thing. Massage trains, face masks, and manicures whilst watching a chick-flick makes for the ultimate girl’s night in.

You can also get some great party favours such as lavender moisturisers so that everyone can have a little keepsake. If you want to get super creative, then why not try making your own DIY homemade face masks?

Face masks can be easy to make using everyday household items like avocado, honey, oats and turmeric. Elle has listed out their top DIY face masks that are totally spa-worthy. There are also some fantastic self-care pamper packages and hampers that you can buy online as a gift to the birthday girl or boy! These are often stocked with supplies like bath salts, scented candles and eye masks.


View more DIY Spa Day birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

At Home Bar Crawl

So, it’s your birthday, what’s the most likely thing you’ll want to do? A fantastic bar crawl of course! Gather your household circle together and organise a surprise at-home DIY bar crawl.

This birthday idea at home is both fun and creative and is a great way to get the whole house involved. It’s simple, each member of the house gets a dedicated room which they have to turn into a bar – cocktail bar, brewhouse or craft beer, whatever their style is!

Get creative and make pub signs, order some funny décor and images online and get ready to have the best night of your life. Once all is ready, you can then get together and start celebrating the birthday boy or girl’s party. Start in one room and once you’ve had a drink move on to the next DIY bar. To make it even more fun, dress up in golf gear and play pub golf!


View more DIY pub crawl birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Have a BBQ

Well, it is all us spring babies after all that are missing out. So, whilst the weather is nice, you may as well throw an epic BBQ birthday party. Get all your favourite foods ready and get the BBQ blazing.

Birthday BBQs are also a fantastic excuse to make tasty summer cocktails like Pimms and Mojitos. The best thing about BBQs is that they can be an all-day event. Start at lunchtime by cooking up your favourite BBQ food and take it to the evening with some music and fairy lights! The whole household will have a great day and the birthday person will be sure to remember the day for many years to come.


View more BBQ birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Have a Sleepover / Go Camping

Do something special for the birthday boy or girl and organise a household sleepover! If you don’t have a garden, then turn the living room into slumber party heaven. Bring your sleeping bags, pillows and duvets downstairs and make a den-type room.

Decorate with fairy lights and get in your Pyjamas nice and early. Together you can order your favourite food, have some drinks and watch trash TV. You can spend the night talking and laughing away and all sleep downstairs!

If you have a garden, then camping is a totally fun and awesome idea that everyone will love. Set up your tent and get some snacks to bring with you. Camping is a great birthday idea at home to do after you’ve had your summer birthday BBQ. Invest in a fire pit so that you stay warm late into the evening and you can toast some marshmallows to really get in the camping spirit.

isolation birthday ideas

View more slumber party birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Birthday Ideas at Home Conclusion

So, you’ve heard our top 10 awesome birthday ideas at home. Which one is your favourite? Some of the birthday ideas at home we’ve labelled above will help you plan an unforgettable night. To recap, here are our top 10 birthday ideas at home:

  1. Throw a Netflix Party
  2. Make a Video Montage
  3. Virtual Karaoke Party 
  4. Have a Video Game Night
  5. Host a Paint Party
  6. Board Game Night
  7. DIY Spa Day
  8. At Home Bar Crawl
  9. Have a BBQ
  10. Have a Sleepover / Garden Camping

Whether it’s a virtual party you organise to celebrate with someone from afar or a household party you throw for a special birthday person, we’re sure that the night will be beautiful, fantastic and a night to remember. We’re sure that the above birthday ideas at home will make celebrating during social distancing fun and we welcome you to comment on any ideas you have yourself!

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