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10 Of The Best Isolation Birthday Ideas At Home


Birthdays are special. It’s a time to gather family and friends together to celebrate hitting another milestone. Whether that’s at a unique party venue, a night out on the town or a lavish spa day spent relaxing and unwinding.

If you’re looking for a more low-key birthday celebration or just looking for a cheaper birthday celebration, we’ve put together our top 10 amazing birthday ideas at home. It’s time to get creative and start planning a day to remember.

At Home Birthday Ideas

You may be looking for at-home kids birthday ideas or maybe you’re turning 40 and are looking for adult birthday party ideas that are cheap and inexpensive to do in the house. Whatever you’re after, our list is a mix of child and family-friendly ideas along with some of the best décor and parties to throw whilst staying at home.

We’ve split this blog into two sections;

  • Virtual birthday party ideas so friends far and wide can join in
  • Birthday party at home, for those living close by to celebrate with you

Virtual birthday party ideas are if you, unfortunately, cannot be with a loved one to celebrate. We’ve put together beautiful ways you can still make the most of celebrating and thoughtful ideas that you can send in the post that are still full of love. Hosting a birthday party at home is a fantastic thing to do if you are currently living with someone who has an upcoming birthday and looking to plan a special day or evening. So, let’s get started with our 10 birthday celebration ideas at home.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

With so many different online platforms available that are easily accessible, throwing the party of the year on the web is totally doable. And the best part? Virtual parties are low-cost, budget-friendly and pretty easy to host – none of that dreaded early morning clean-up! Here are our virtual birthday ideas at home:

Host a Zoom party

Zoom is probably the best quarantine video calling app you can get. The tool was originally designed for online conferences but since social distancing measures came into play, it has really taken off as a social tool too! Zoom is completely free; all you and your friends need to do is sign up with your email.

It is pretty easy and straightforward to use – simply host a meeting and then send the code out for all your friends to join! It’s a great place to gather your friends and family and share a great time. If you want to make it extra special, get everyone to dress up in party hats!

Why not have a birthday theme organised before you all log on? This will make for some hilarious photos and will make the day one to remember for sure, even if you’re celebrating at home.

isolation birthday ideas

See more Zoom birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Host a Netflix Party

If you’re a film enthusiast, schedule a movie night with your friends! Explore Netflix’s range of movies, there are hundreds so you’ll be sure to find one that everyone will enjoy. Everyone nowadays has a Netflix account (or at least has access to one), but if you don’t, they offer a free trial that you can sign up to.

This is a great birthday celebration idea at home if you all download the Netflix Party Google Chrome extension to synchronise all of your screens. This means that you are all viewing the exact same thing at the same time with no lag. When one person pauses, it will pause on everybody’s screens.

The extension also adds a group chat to the movie you are watching, so you can discuss at the same time. What’s more, is that it doesn’t cost any money at all to add this extra feature.

The great news is, you can still host a movie night for a birthday idea at home without having to be separated!

See more Netflix birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Make a ‘Happy Birthday’ Video Montage

This is a cute and thoughtful way to wish someone a happy birthday. Consider it an interactive birthday card! Get your family and friends to record their birthday wishes and send them to you.

From here you can use a video montage website like Tribute to easily create a collaborative video montage. Then on the birthday person’s special day, you can send it to them, and they will have a keepsake.

This DIY birthday idea is fantastic, thoughtful and is the perfect gift to send to someone whilst in self-isolation. If you want to make it extra special, Tribute offers a video card option and they will deliver a 4” or 7” LCD card to the birthday person that they can play anywhere.

Send a Birthday Hamper

From hugs in a matchbox to self-care packages and wine boxes. Hampers are great birthday gift ideas and are a fun and creative way to shower someone with birthday gifts from afar. Online shops like Etsy and Not On The High Street offer unique birthday hamper ideas which can often be personalised with their name, as well as a great delivery service.

Some of our favourites to send in the post are chocolate bouquets, spa day hampers, which are usually filled with bath salts, bath bombs and face masks and of course not forgetting the classic cheese & wine hampers. If you want to stick to a traditional birthday gift, then birthday cake delivery is also an option. If you want to go all out, you can even get a personalised wooden wine box with a happy birthday message engraved into it.

Birthday hampers are the perfect way to make someone’s special day spent at home that little more exciting and lets them know that you are still thinking of them, even if you can’t celebrate with them in person this year.

See more birthday ideas at home and hampers on Pinterest.

Video Game Party

Video game parties are great because everyone can pop on their headsets and join each other in the virtual gaming world. Whatever your favourite game is, schedule in an evening with your friends where you can all play at the same time.

This birthday idea at home is perfect for adults and kids alike. All you need to do to make this successful, is be into gaming! If you’re an adult, then crack open some beers, get settled in something comfortable and spend the night with your pals in a virtual world. If you want to go all out, order in a pizza or your favourite takeaway and have some laughs with your group of online friends.


See more video game birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Birthday Party at Home

OK, so we’ve given our very best virtual birthday ideas, but what about if your housemates or family member has a birthday coming up that you currently live with? This section is for exactly that! The very best birthday ideas at home during covid.

Board Game Night

Everyone loves a board game! No matter what that is. From classic games like Monopoly to hilarious modern new games like Cards Against Humanity, there is something everyone will love. Arrange a night where you and your household can get together and play some games for the evening.

Get some snacks ready or order a takeaway and some bottles of wine and you’ll be sure to have a great time. If you and your housemates want to have a real laugh, get some interactive games and play them after a few drinks!

Games like Twister are always hilarious and makes for some great photos to look back on next year. Whatever your interest, board game nights in will save you money and are a great way for a group of you to get together for someone’s birthday celebrations.


View more board game birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

DIY Spa Day

Indulge yourself with a luxury pamper night. This is the perfect at-home birthday idea if relaxation is your thing. Massage trains, face masks and manicures whilst watching a chick-flick makes for the ultimate girl’s night in.

You can also get some great party favours such as lavender moisturisers so that everyone can have a little keepsake. If you want to get super creative, then why not try making your own DIY homemade face masks?

Face masks can be easy to make using everyday household items like avocado, honey, oats and turmeric. Elle has listed out their top DIY face masks that are totally spa-worthy. There are also some fantastic self-care pamper packages and hampers that you can buy online as a gift to the birthday girl or boy! These are often stocked with supplies like bath salts, scented candles and eye masks.


View more DIY Spa Day birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

At Home Bar Crawl

So, it’s your birthday, what’s the most likely thing you’ll want to do? A fantastic bar crawl of course! However, obviously, in current quarantine times, that, unfortunately, is just not possible.

But it’s not impossible. Gather your household circle together and organise a surprise at home DIY bar crawl.

This birthday idea at home is both fun, creative and is a great way to get the whole house involved. It’s simple, each member of the house gets a dedicated room which they have to turn into a bar – cocktail bar, brewhouse or craft beer, whatever their style is!

Get creative and make pub signs, order some funny décor and images online and get ready to have the best night of your life. Once all is ready, you can then get together and start celebrating the birthday boy or girl’s party. Start in one room and once you’ve had a drink move on to the next DIY bar. To make it even more fun, dress up in golf gear and play pub golf!


View more DIY pub crawl birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Have a BBQ

Well, it is all us spring babies after all that are missing out. So, whilst the weather nice and we are self-isolating, you may as well throw an epic BBQ birthday party. Get all your favourite foods ready and get the BBQ blazing.

Birthday BBQ’s are also a fantastic excuse to make tasty summer cocktails like Pimm’s and Mojitos. The best thing about BBQ’s is that they can be an all-day event. Start at lunchtime by cooking up your favourite BBQ food and take it to the evening with some music and fairy lights! The whole household will have a great day and the birthday person will be sure to remember the day for many years to come.


View more BBQ birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Have a Sleepover / Go Camping

Do something special for the birthday boy or girl and organise a household sleepover! If you don’t have a garden, then turn the living room into slumber party heaven. Bring your sleeping bags, pillows and duvets downstairs and make a den type room.

Decorate with fairy lights and get in your Pyjamas nice and early. Together you can order your favourite food, have some drinks and watch trash TV. You can spend the night talking and laughing away and all sleep downstairs!

If you have a garden, then camping is a totally fun and awesome idea that everyone will love. Set up your tent and get some snacks to bring with you. Camping is a great birthday idea at home to do after you’ve had your summer birthday BBQ. Invest in a fire pit so that you stay warm late into the evening and you can toast some marshmallows to really get in the camping spirit.

isolation birthday ideas

View more slumber party birthday ideas at home on Pinterest.

Birthday Ideas at Home Conclusion

So, you’ve heard our top 10 awesome birthday ideas at home to do during isolation. Which one is your favourite? If you’ve got a family member or friend whose birthday is during lockdown, then hopefully some of the birthday ideas at home we’ve labelled above will help you plan an unforgettable night. To recap, here are our top 10 birthday ideas at home during self-isolation:

  1. Host a Zoom Party
  2. Throw a Netflix Party
  3. Make a Video Montage
  4. Send a Birthday Hamper
  5. Have a Video Game Night
  6. Board Game Night
  7. DIY Spa Day
  8. At Home Bar Crawl
  9. Have a BBQ
  10. Have a Sleepover / Garden Camping

Whether it’s a virtual party you organise to celebrate with someone from afar or a household party you throw for a special birthday person, we’re sure that the night will be beautiful, fantastic and a night to remember. We’re sure that the above birthday ideas at home will make celebrating during social distancing fun and we welcome you to comment on any ideas you have yourself!

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